Kaimu Software has won a strategic investment of nearly 200 million yuan, and it is time for China’s high-end industrial software to break through

Recently, Kaimu Software, a leading brand of high-end Industrial software in China, officially announced the completion of nearly 200 million yuan in strategic financing. This round of financing was led by SDIC Venture Capital, with participation from CMB International Capital and Inovance Investment.

The joint recognition and strong support of national team investment institutions + top financial capital investment institutions + leading industry investment institutions shows that the capital market highly affirms the core technology and market prospects of industrial software independently developed by Kaimu.

The financing funds will be used in two directions: one is to continue to increase the company’s product R&D investment and technological innovation, improve the product matrix, and inject strong impetus into Kaimu Software’s continuous breakthrough in key technologies of “stuck necks”; the other is to integrate excellent talents and technology, and deepen the high-end manufacturing market development and strategic layout.

Thirty years of sharpening a sword

Innovation creates a leading brand of high-end industrial software in China

Kaimu Software was born in 1991 in the CAM Teaching and Research Office of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Deeply cultivate CAD/CAPP/PDM/MES and other industrial software fields, constantly polish core technologies and product innovations, and serve manufacturing customers.

The founder and chief scientist of the company, Dr. Chen Zhuoning, is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and one of the earliest domestic pioneers engaged in the research of domestic CAD/CAPP technology. In the field of intelligent manufacturing, it continues to develop and innovate, and enjoys a high reputation in the field of industrial software. It has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award twice and the first prize of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award.

For 30 years, adhering to the business philosophy of “professionalism, focus, innovation, and win-win”, Kaimu has always focused on the independent research and development and technological innovation of industrial software. A variety of R&D and design software products have created a precedent in the history of industrial software development in China. Widely favored by users:

  1. In 1994, launched China’s first domestically produced CAD software, which is the only engineering design drawing software based on descriptive geometry in China.
  2. In 1996, the first commercialized CAPP software in China was launched, creating a new process design model of “what you see is what you get” and the integration of graphics and text.
  3. In 2010, the first 3D visual assembly process planning software in China was launched, realizing the transformation from 2D CAPP to 3D CAPP for the first time.
  4. In 2013, the first 3D machining process planning software product in China was launched. It is the first intelligent machining process software in the world that is completely developed in accordance with the ideas of process engineers. The design concept is more in line with the needs of manufacturing engineers.
  5. In 2015, the first domestic commercialized manufacturability analysis software was launched. The technical level far exceeds that of similar foreign products, and is welcomed by high-end manufacturing companies.
  6. In 2022, KMPLM CLOUD, the first domestic integrated platform for design, process and manufacturing based on cloud native and microservices, will be launched! “Nuclear” power, to meet the strict military quality, “really replace the real use”!

Kaimu Software has won a strategic investment of nearly 200 million yuan, and it is time for China’s high-end industrial software to break through

Today, Kaimu has formed a complete intelligent manufacturing solution and high-end industrial software product system, including KMPLM, KMMPM, KMMOM and a series of integrated management platforms covering product research and development, process design, and manufacturing, as well as KMCAD, R&D and design tool software products represented by KMCAPP, KM3DDFM, KM3DAST, KM3DMPS, KM3DWELD, and KM3DVIEWER help Chinese manufacturing companies move forward in an all-round way to “Smart Manufacturing in China”.

Kaimu Software is the industry benchmark of China’s digital technology. The self-developed CAPP/MPM digital technology solution has international competitiveness, and its market share is second to none in China. It is completely comparable to international industrial software giants and helps high-end manufacturing customers to achieve localization.

After nearly 30 years of hard work and practice, Kaimu software has been widely used in high-end customer groups of military industrial groups such as aviation, aerospace, aviation development, weapons, military equipment, electrical science, and ships; as well as China Railway Construction, China Railway, and TBEA Among China’s top 500 high-end manufacturing leading enterprises represented by Electric Engineering, Xugong Group, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Shanghai Electric, Dongfeng Motor, and Midea Group, the market share of high-end customers ranks among the best among domestic software.

Kaimu Software has won a strategic investment of nearly 200 million yuan, and it is time for China’s high-end industrial software to break through

Hard core technology + market reputation

Favored by the most “beautiful” investment institutions

Relying on industrial software hard-core technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, unique and innovative software products, and years of high-end customer market reputation, Kaimu Software has won the best investment institutions: national team investment institutions + leading financial capital investment institutions + leading industries The common favor of investment institutions:

▶ SDIC Entrepreneurship—the investment institution of the national team

SDIC Entrepreneurship is a venture capital fund management company specially established by State Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd. in a market-oriented manner in order to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy, deepen comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Technology, and accelerate the transfer and transformation of national scientific and technological achievements.

SDIC Entrepreneurship closely focuses on major areas of national goals and urgent strategic needs, focusing on the transformation of major scientific and technological projects such as major national science and technology projects, technological innovation-2030 key projects, and national key research and development plans, focusing on advanced manufacturing, electronic information, biomedicine, In key fields such as materials and energy, we will continue to promote the independent innovation of key core technologies and continuously achieve breakthroughs. We have built a sound investment ecosystem for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, invested in a large number of industries with strong driving force, independent and controllable technology, and are able to run alongside and lead the world. A technology-based enterprise with iconic influence.

In 2022, SDIC Entrepreneurship has continuously won several industry awards such as Zero2IPO Ranking List, Investment List, China Equity Investment Golden Bull Award, LP Think Tank, etc., and won the “Top 10 Chinese Venture Capital Institutions” in the 2022 China Equity Investment Annual Ranking List of SDIC, “Top 50 Chinese State-owned Investment Institutions in 2022”.

The person in charge of the SDIC Entrepreneurship Project said: “At present, China is in the process of transforming from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. There is a huge market demand for domestically-made independent and controllable industrial software, and domestic industrial software has ushered in an important window for rapid development. However, the key core technology of R&D and design industrial software still lags behind the European and American software giants. Kaimu Software is one of the few companies in China that has mature, completely independent and controllable industrial software core technology. Chemical industry solutions and a relatively complete industrial software product line. At the same time, it also has rich implementation experience in the digital transformation and digital factory construction of large-scale high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises such as aerospace and heavy machinery. The core team has been deeply involved in the field of industrial software for nearly 30 years. Very good technical accumulation and industry experience. We are very optimistic about the company’s development, and hope that Kaimu Software can continue to strengthen R&D and innovation on the basis of the existing core competitive advantages, increase the introduction of outstanding talents, and make contributions to the development of domestic industrial software. make their due contribution.”

▶ CMB International – the leading financial capital investment institution

CMB International Capital Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned equity investment platform established by China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. through CMB International Capital Co., Ltd., a financial institution with a full license in Hong Kong. For two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022, it will be ranked fifth in Zero2IPO’s “Top 100 Private Equity Investment Institutions in China”. Hubei Changjiang CMB Industrial Fund Management Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CMB International Capital. It has managed a total subscription of over 20 billion yuan in parent and child funds, focusing on investing in new energy, smart manufacturing, medical health and digital China industries.

The person in charge of CMB International Capital Hubei Fund Investment said: “We continue to pay attention to investment opportunities in industrial software, basic software and other fields, and R&D design software is the category with the highest technical barriers and the longest accumulation time in industrial software, and the domestic market has long been restricted. For overseas software giants, the localization rate is only about 10%. The mid-to-high-end manufacturing industry represented by the military industry has started a fully independent and controllable domestic substitution. We are firmly optimistic about the medium and long-term development of Kaimu Software. The first echelon manufacturer of product research and development and solutions has the deepest independent knowledge accumulation and technology accumulation in the industry. It is in a leading position in the field of industrial design and management in China. It has the scalability of “design-process-manufacturing integration”. Sustained growth is highly certain.”

▶ Inovance Investment—a leading industrial investment institution

Inovance Industrial Investment is an industrial investment platform under the listed company Inovance Technology. Inovance Technology is a leading enterprise in the field of industrial automation in China. Based on the excellent industrial genes and unique industrial resources of Inovance Technology, Inovance Investment Co., Ltd. revolves around the center of the industrial control industry, continuously explores and innovates upstream and downstream, and its investment vision covers semiconductors, digitalization, new energy, intelligent manufacturing and other subdivisions, and has completed successively Investment in star projects such as Hongwei Technology, Nanochip, Yutaiwei, Jita, Tongguang Semiconductor, and Wotai Energy. Inovance Investment is committed to helping partners in the ecosystem grow together and contribute to “Made in China”.

The person in charge of Inovance Industrial Investment said: “Industrial software is the cornerstone of industrial digitalization and the direction of Inovance’s technology layout. Kaimu Software is a well-known industrial software company in China. It has a complete team structure and strong R&D capabilities. It is oriented towards intelligent manufacturing. Its full-stack solutions, process tool software, and management platforms are widely used in military and high-end manufacturing industries. Kaimu software is highly compatible with Inovance’s digital strategy. The transfer and iteration of experience in the field of large military industry will further expand customers in industries such as industry, automobiles, and new energy, and contribute to China’s intelligent manufacturing and industrial digital transformation.”

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