Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: May 1 International Labor Day is a holiday for workers around the world. You may not know that there is such a special group of new workers——robotthey are quietly changing the world, changing our way of life.

Hundreds of Robots deployed on Tesla’s production line will be unmanned in the future

The production line of Tesla Motors in the United States welcomed another 427 red robots, compared with 542 robots previously deployed.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

According to the US “Business Insider” website, by 2020, Tesla’s production line will be unmanned, and the output will increase from the current 500,000 vehicles per year to 1 million vehicles. The main job of humans has become to maintain, upgrade and deal with abnormal problems.

Virtual robots with high intelligence are already on the job

In 1939, the robot ELEKTRO manufactured by Westinghouse Electric in the United States attracted the attention of the audience when it appeared at the New York World Expo. Since then, scientists have hoped to give robots true “intelligence.”

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

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Nearly 80 years later, Emilia, a virtual robot with higher intelligence, found a job as an online customer service at IPsoft, an IT technology company in New York. She can help users to solve the problem of wrong login password.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

Learning ability is the key to Emilia’s success. Through machine learning systems, she can simulate and reproduce human neural activity processes, rather than simple and rigid imitation. When she finds that customer satisfaction is high, she also misses the opportunity to recommend products or special offers to customers.

According to IPsoft, after a certain professional training, Emilia can engage in customer service work in the fields of finance, insurance, and aviation. In October 2016, Nordic Bank, one of Sweden’s largest banks, announced that Emilia had been appointed to provide internal technical support services for its 15,000 bank employees, becoming a pioneer in the banking industry to employ virtual employees.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

Robot writing “wins with quantity”, old reporters are better in “quality”

From July 2014, the Associated Press began to hand over some of the writing tasks of the earnings season to the writing robot WordSmith “word craftsman”.

According to members of the research and development team, the Associated Press was able to write about 440 company earnings reports during the earnings season before using Wordcraft, and 5,000 financial reports after using Wordcraft.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future


In May 2015, NPR’s senior White House correspondent, Scott Horsley, challenged “wordsmiths” to write stories faster and better than anyone else. Contrary to Horsley’s expectations, the writer took two minutes to write the manuscript, and he took seven minutes. Here are the opening sections of the two manuscripts:

Manuscript one

“The Dennis Corporation reported first-quarter profit of $8.5 million on Monday, and the Spartanburg, Calif.-based company said it earned 10 cents per share.” – Robot “Wordsmith”

Manuscript two

“The Dennis Co. hit a home run in the first quarter, earning a better-than-expected 10 cents a share as restaurant sales jumped more than 7%.” — Horsley, senior reporter

In subsequent manuscript popularity ratings, Horsley pulled back a notch in article quality. Compared with the manuscripts of the writers, the manuscripts of the old reporters are more concise and easy to understand, and they are more emotional.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

More jobs may be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future

Robots, the new workers, are becoming more common and more powerful, helping humans to do many jobs faster, better, and safer, but at the same time, they also cause some anxiety and doubt.

According to the “UK Economic Outlook” research report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers in March this year, up to 38% of jobs in the United States may be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence in the next 15 years; Germany and the United Kingdom will also have 35% each. % and 30% of jobs are occupied by robots; in Japan, 21% of jobs face the same possibility.

A PricewaterhouseCoopers research report shows that in the future, 2.25 million jobs in the UK retail and wholesale industries may disappear; more than 1.2 million jobs in the manufacturing industry will face being sacked.automationRisk of displacement; approximately 1.1 million jobs in administration and support services are at high risk.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

The occupations with the lowest risk of being replaced by robots include: doctors, nurses, teachers,mechanicalEngineers, designers, makeup artists, psychologists, archaeologists, etc.

When more and more labor positions are occupied by robots, these workers who only produce but do not consume will also break the balance of the social structure. Rising unemployment and declining consumption power may create new social problems.

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In recent years, work accidents caused by robots have occurred frequently

On the other hand, how to define the rights and responsibilities of artificial intelligence and robot workers is also a new topic.

On July 1, 2015, a 22-year-old skilled worker was installing a robot at the Volkswagen plant in Kassel, Germany. Suddenly, the robot turned on automatically, grabbed the skilled worker’s chest, and pressed him heavily against a metal plate. Eventually the worker died. A Volkswagen spokesman said afterwards that the accident was caused by human error and the robot was fine.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

Also in the same month, Holbrooke, a maintenance technician who has worked for 12 years at an auto parts factory in Michigan, was carrying out his daily work on the assembly line when he was trapped by a robot that suddenly entered her work area out of control. The hook struck Holbrook in the head, killing Holbrook at the scene.

Since then, Holbrooke’s husband has sued the five companies that supplied the factory with Robot Parts and installations, alleging that their robots had design flaws.

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, between 1984 and 2014, there were at least 33 work accidents in the United States in which robots killed people.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

The New York Times believes that as more and more robots can move, operate autonomously, and work freely with humans, the number of deaths caused by robots may continue to increase.

How to ensure that human authority is not challenged?Make humans themselves super artificial intelligence

In the technology world, the biggest worry about the development of artificial intelligence is how to ensure that human authority is not threatened by super artificial intelligence. In this regard, the answer given by Elon Musk, the founder of the “Neural Connection” company, is: let human beings themselves become super artificial intelligence.

On March 28, 2017, Musk announced the establishment of a company called “Neural Connection”, which plans to connect the human brain with the computer through a technology called “Neural Network” within four years to improve the ability of the human brain. , to defend against the threat of artificial intelligence.

Job seekers see a high risk of these jobs disappearing in the future

Musk believes that if artificial intelligence and the cerebral cortex can be well connected, people can become “artificial intelligence people”. When everyone can become an “artificial intelligence person”, the problem of artificial intelligence dictatorship is solved.

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