Jingfeng Medical’s endoscopic surgery robot was approved for listing, directly competing with Da Vinci

Recently, domestic surgicalrobotEnterprise elitethe medicalThe self-developed porous laparoscopic surgery robot MP1000 has been approved by the State Drug Administration for marketing.

Jingfeng Medical’s endoscopic surgery robot was approved for listing, directly competing with Da Vinci

The registration application for this product was completed in January this year. In the urology registration clinical trial, MP1000 performed well and can be widely used in urology, gynecology, general surgery and thoracic surgery. Registered clinical trials in surgery and thoracic surgery were enrolled.

According to reports, MP1000 adopts technical routes such as master-slave control, intuitive teleoperation and multi-arm structure, and is equipped with a high-definition 3D endoscope. It provides good hand-eye coordination, flexibility and precision beyond human hands in narrow spaces, comfortable operating experience and excellent 3D visual effects, which can greatly improve surgical efficiency.

Leading domestic endoscopic surgical robot company

According to the data, Jingfeng Medical was established in 2017, focusing on the design, development and commercialization of medical devices. It is the only company in China and the second company in the world that has mastered both single-hole surgical robot and multi-hole surgical robot technology.

At present, Jingfeng Medical has four major product pipelines centered on robotics, including the most widely used multi-hole laparoscopic surgery robot system, the single-hole laparoscopic surgery robot system representing the development direction of surgery, and the natural cavity laparoscopic surgery robot system. surgical Robots and traditional minimally invasive surgical instruments.

Previously, Jingfeng Medical’s single-port laparoscopic surgery robot SP1000 completed clinical gynecological trials, led by Academician Lang Jinghe, and jointly carried out with 301 Hospital and other hospitals. It has completed the first domestic single-port robot-assisted total hysterectomy, the first domestic single-port robot-assisted gynecological surgery, and the first domestic single-port robot-assisted radical cervical cancer surgery.

In 2021, Jingfeng Medical will obtain financing in February and November respectively, with a cumulative capital of 2 billion yuan. As of now, its valuation has exceeded 1.5 billion US dollars (equivalent to approximately 10.6 billion yuan in RMB). In April this year, Jingfeng Medical submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, planning to list on the Hong Kong Main Board. The joint sponsors are Morgan Stanley, CICC, and Citigroup.

It is worth mentioning that not long ago, someone reported to the Food and Drug Administration that Jingfeng Medical “violated the requirements of medical device regulations, related system documents were suspected of being falsified, and the quality management system was missing”; , Targeted and wantonly spread rumors to discredit the company, claiming that its production system is falsified, clinical trial data is falsified, major clinical accidents are concealed, and actual controllers have committed crimes.

After receiving the report, the State Food and Drug Administration conducted a comprehensive inspection of Jingfeng Medical and its clinical cooperation institutions, and found no problems. The approval of MP1000 by NMPA this time is the most powerful rebuttal to the smearing behavior.

At present, the public security organs have characterized the incident and determined that the behavior has violated relevant laws and there are facts of crimes. It is understood that the public security organs have arrested the suspect and the case is under further investigation.

In 2026, the market size of surgical robots in my country will reach 26.5 billion

With the intensification of population aging, the incidence of various serious diseases is rising, which puts forward higher requirements for surgical technology. The characteristics of high precision, high stability and low trauma of surgical robots can well meet the needs of the market and also help Alleviate or even resolve the imbalance between the supply and demand of medical services, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of medical supply.

But it has to be said that due to the late start and the high price of surgical robots, the application of surgical robots in my country is still very small. In 2021, the penetration rate of robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery in China is only 0.7%, while the United States is 13.3% in the same period. This also means that domestic surgical robots have a lot of room for development. 2021 is called the first year of surgical robots and has embarked on a path of rapid development.

According to Frost & Sullivan’s data and forecast, the domestic surgical robot market will reach US$425 million in 2020, with a five-year compound growth rate of 35.7%. It is expected that the market size of surgical robots will reach US$3.8 billion (26.5 billion yuan) by 2026 , the compound annual growth rate reached 44.3%.

Among surgical robots, laparoscopic surgical robots are the earliest and most mature track, accounting for more than 60%. However, the current laparoscopic surgical robot market is almost monopolized by Da Vinci surgical robots, and there are few other brands in the market.

The da Vinci surgical robot produced by Intuitive Surgical Company has obtained medical device registration in China, and the scope of application of the registration is the only one that can simultaneously meet the requirements of urology surgery, general surgery laparoscopic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology laparoscopic surgery, thoracic surgery thoracoscopic surgery, There are no other similar products in the domestic market for surgical robot products with intended uses such as thoracoscopic assisted cardiotomy.

The multi-hole endoscopic surgical robot MP1000 of Jingfeng Medical can be widely used in urology, gynecology, general surgery and thoracic surgery, and its effectiveness and safety in some aspects are no less than that of Da Vinci surgical robot, or It can fill the gap of lack of domestic brands in the endoscopic surgery robot market.

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