It took 12 years and a billion investment – Asia Control’s new product release

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September 29, 2022, this is an ordinary day, and it will be an extraordinary day at the same time! This day is destined to be recorded in the history of the development of information technology in the world!

On this day, Yakong will launch a revolutionary product – WellinOS Yakong cloud operating system through an online conference.

No one knows about ten years of sharpening the sword, and only waits until the present day. After twelve years of hard work and an investment of one billion yuan, on this day, Asia Control launched the “four new inventions” of the Chinese people in the era of information technology – cloud operating system, spatiotemporal database, metalanguage and new digital Twin technology:

◉ WellinOS will redefine the Industrial internet;

◉ WellinOS will announce a new generation of database;

◉ WellinOS will solve the app development problem of 40 million engineers;

◉ WellinOS will provide a complete set of digital twin methods for manufacturing processes;

The emergence of WellinOS cloud operating system will greatly reduce the cost of digital transformation of enterprises and effectively shorten the construction cycle of digital factories. Its appearance will surely become a new weapon for digital transformation of enterprises and a new driving force for the high-quality development of manufacturing industry.

During the same period, Asia Control will also release two major platforms and a variety of solution products.

  1. KingFactory3.8, provides a digital factory solution that integrates ERP, PLM, APS, MES, SCADA functions, breaks through traditional technical barriers and boundaries, and achieves enterprise value-oriented construction goals. The features of the “six-best” solution featuring full value chain, full integration of edge and cloud, and full configuration, realizing business modeling, business processization and full coverage of scenarios, will be the “magic weapon” for China to transform from a manufacturing power into a manufacturing power. sharp weapon”!
  2. KingSuperSCADA3.8, with its clustered acquisition, clustered storage, and scale of tens of millions of points, will lead the new trend of SCADA technology in the world, and mainly meet the application of large-scale monitoring scenarios in the subway, oil and gas, electric power, heating network, coal and other industries.
  3. Smart mine, smart water supply, smart heating, smart oilfield and other solution products developed by WellinOS and KingFactory have very distinctive features and represent the highest level in this field.

It took 12 years and a billion investment – Asia Control’s new product release

The online product launch of the “New Four Great Inventions” of Asia Control Technology Information Age will officially start at 09:00-16:30 on September 29, 2022. At that time, the live broadcast can be accessed through the homepage of the Asia Control Technology official website or the Asia Control Technology official public account. Sign up for viewing.

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