Inventory of the joy and sorrow of the IT circle in a year

With the advent of a new round of technological revolution and Industrial transformation, the pace of technological update and iteration has been getting faster and faster in recent years. In 2019, which is about to pass, there will be many breakthrough points, turning points, and shining points that link the past and the future, which will often surprise or surprise us.

In terms of infrastructure, the launch of 5G commercial use has attracted worldwide attention. The features of large bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability provide us with a future where connections are ubiquitous and ubiquitous. In October this year, the three major telecom operators released 5G packages, marking the official launch of large-scale commercial use of 5G. In addition, blockchain technology has become a “net celebrity” that has attracted much attention. The mode of multi-party maintenance, multi-party sharing, and multi-party input ensures the reliability and transparency of the network environment from the underlying technology. Today, the fields of finance, internet public welfare, anti-counterfeiting traceability, and food safety are all areas where blockchain technology is used.

From the perspective of progress in basic fields, the development of a new generation of information technology emphasizes the importance of cooperation and collaboration more than ever. Every improvement in transmission speed, range and security is an attempt to explore co-construction and sharing. For example, 5G commercial use benefits from the cooperation and cooperation of cell base stations; if the blockchain is to play a role, the participation and sharing of each trader is indispensable. In the basic field of information technology, the investment of all wisdom and power can strengthen the foundation and strengthen the strengths and avoid weaknesses. In the foreseeable ten years, these payments and costs will surely open the door for the popularization of new applications and new products. As some experts have said, the more investment in information technology, the lower the price and the greater the benefit.

At the same time, new things in the application field are emerging one after another. In the past year, from the popularity of VLOG to the popularity of live streaming; from the controversy caused by the brain-computer interface to the repeated headlines of quantum computers… At the intersection of technology and life, the emerging new concepts are dazzling, as if once science fiction The plot in the movie was suddenly pulled into reality.

If it is said that the progress in the basic field is only a matter of professionals and the industry, then these market-oriented applications have been inextricably linked with the lives of most people. In this regard, any bold and radical ideas, such as full promotion or full rejection, must be highly vigilant. Because technical problems can be very pure, only the pursuit of faster speed, higher efficiency, and larger scale. But when it comes to real life, progress in a certain area will bring direct benefits. If you understand it from another angle, it may not be a new burden. For example, the speed of communication has shortened the distance between people. But in the eyes of many office workers, it means that the workload is heavier and the pace of life is busier.

In short, technology is a double-edged sword that can benefit life and add to trouble. How to grasp the trend and speed of technological development, it is necessary to distinguish between different situations. For core technologies and infrastructure, increasing investment is a long-term solution; for front-end applications, especially content and services related to life, it is advisable to be cautious and guide technology applications to create a better life with a more objective and rational attitude.

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