Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases

A smart factory can generate 1PB of data a day. If all these massive amounts of “edge data” are transmitted to the network, it will put enormous pressure on the computing system of any enterprise.

Here, edge computing came into being. It extends the intelligent computing power of the data center to the edge side, thereby meeting the key requirements of manufacturing enterprises in data connection, real-time business, data optimization, and application intelligence.

Practice has proved that by deploying edge nodes closer to the manufacturing equipment side for localized perception, decision-making, control, and analysis integration, the network demand can be reduced while the real-time response can be improved, and the processing capability of the existing Industrial internet platform can be effectively improved. The cloud-edge-device integrated platform has become a new direction of the industrial Internet platform.

Edge computing is being integrated into industrial manufacturing

At the data processing level, edge computing puts forward higher requirements for local data processing capabilities. It needs to migrate part or all of the computing tasks performed by the original cloud computing model to network edge devices to reduce the computing load of cloud servers and slow down The pressure of network bandwidth improves the efficiency of data sorting in the era of the Internet of Everything. Obviously, traditional controllers are no longer up to this job.

At the same time, the traditional digital upgrade solution needs to combine PLC, PC, gateway, SCADA software and other products with different functions in the same system to realize the industrial Internet of Things solution through system integration. Security Risk.

Whether it is the maturity and stability of the product, or the various problems in the process of data processing rising to the implementation of the digital upgrade plan, customers and the market are calling for more “hard core” and “one machine with multiple functions”. ” and “multi-machine linkage”, a fully interconnected edge control solution.

The edge control solution integrates PLC automation technology and PC information technology, and integrates PLC controller, PC, gateway, motion control, I/O data acquisition, fieldbus protocol, machine vision, equipment networking and other functions into the same control platform. At the same time, it realizes equipment motion control, machine vision, equipment predictive maintenance, equipment networking, data analysis and optimization control, data can be directly connected to the industrial cloud platform, and the edge side cooperates with the remote industrial cloud platform to realize intelligent production line control.

Of course, edge computing does not simply superimpose edge computing technology and industrial automation, but requires the integration of some open IT and CT technologies, architectures and solutions developed by edge computing into relatively closed OT equipment in industrial manufacturing. On, enhance or replace the original implementation method.

Different devices and scenarios require different edge control solutions

In the “cloud-edge-device” new generation of industrial control architecture, edge control plays a key role in linking the previous and the next. On the one hand, edge control needs to collect on-site data for processing and analysis, and feed it back to on-site equipment in real time. On the other hand, edge control needs to upload the processed data to the cloud to provide the cloud with more “valuable” data. Because different devices and different industrial scenarios have different application complexity and different requirements for data processing and analysis, the performance requirements for edge controllers are also different.

For this reason, edge control manufacturers often provide different edge control solutions to meet the needs of different scenarios. For example, Advantech, which started from industrial computers, has completed a comprehensive layout in the field of edge computing, and can provide customers with a series of products and solutions from edge computing, edge control, edge visualization, etc., from hardware to software, from products to platforms. Various on-site high-performance computing processing, real-time reliable operation, and flexible and fast human-computer interaction Display and other edge computing demand scenarios promote the digital and intelligent in-depth transformation of various industries.

Advantech’s edge control solution series can provide optimal solutions according to different equipment and scene control requirements. In the same software environment, use the best hardware according to the needs, help intelligent manufacturing practitioners focus on algorithm solutions, optimize iterative core values, and realize equipment applications such as flexible production lines, equipment automation, production line equipment status monitoring, and factory environment monitoring.

Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases

Advantech Edge Control Solutions

Advantech’s CODESYS series controllers are a new control solution for the transformation of equipment automation to integrated information-based intelligent equipment.

Advantech is equipped with real-time soft PLC software on various X86 platforms that it is good at. At the same time, it connects the soft PLC with the database and cloud platform interface to realize high real-time automatic control and ensure open informatization docking and processing.

The open platform and multiple performance processing cores can be flexibly applied to complex and changeable industrial environments, from applications requiring stable real-time logic control to integrated motion control and machine vision applications with high processing performance and more interfaces, and even multiple devices Connected flexible processing lines, Advantech CODESYS control solutions have suitable controllers to help customers achieve.

While seamlessly integrating IT (information technology) and OT (automation technology), the bottom layer of Advantech CODESYS edge controller still adopts the familiar programming method, which is convenient for customers to design, use and install.

Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases

Advantages of edge control solutions

Typical Application Architecture of Edge Controllers

Among Advantech’s edge control products, the new-generation modular edge controller AMAX-5580 is undoubtedly the most dazzling star product. Its high-performance processing capability, open platform, and powerful and rich expansion capabilities make it possible for edge computing to be integrated into the industrial field. Applications provide powerful solutions.

Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases

In terms of product features:

The AMAX-5580 is one of the smallest and fastest open platforms in the industry. It is compact, with a height of 10 cm, and the plug-in I/O modules are all mounted on standard DIN rails. No additional drilling or mechanical devices are required when installed in the equipment control cabinet, which not only saves space, but also allows industrial equipment to span boundary.

From the application architecture point of view:

AMAX-5580 is the core of the entire control. Upwards, the preprocessed data can be uploaded to MES, SCADA or cloud platforms in the form of Ethernet, OPC UA, MQTT, etc. Downwards, in addition to directly connecting the servo motor through EtherCAT In addition, various devices can be connected through PCIe expansion modules, EtherCAT expansion modules, and EtherCAT distributed I/O to connect more devices.

Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases

Typical Application Architecture of AMAX-5580

Application cases of edge computing in the industrial field

At present, the application of edge technology in the industrial field is still in the early stage of integration, and its role is to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, meet the pursuit of strict production quality, and at the same time build a solid underlying technology foundation for customers’ digital transformation.

Advantech makes full use of its more than 20 years of technology and advantages accumulated in thousands of industries and industries, and is helping customers achieve this goal.

For example, in the application of 3C lens module inspection, after the production of camera lens filter lenses, strict inspection of product quality is required. Therefore, automatic feeding and AOI visual inspection are required, and the NG products in the tray are removed by the robot and supplemented with OK. All data must be uploaded to the MES data terminal for backup and traceability.

In this application case, the requirements put forward by the customer include: the automation of new parts processing manufacturers needs to be improved, and it is necessary to integrate machine vision, Robots, lower-level PLCs, high real-time I/O and multi-axis control; information platforms and interfaces are required to allow The management software is connected with the MES system to realize product dispatch, quality tracking and energy efficiency management of the whole plant; for the automation part, high real-time analog quantity acquisition is required, and machine vision cooperates with motion control to achieve high-precision detection and processing.

Advantech integrates IPC+PLC through a sub-core architecture, and a platform realizes machine vision, motion control, robot control, distributed IO and database functions, improves stability, reduces costs, and realizes flexible processing; at the same time, it supports IEC 61131-3 programming and For advanced language programming, engineers can choose the language they are most familiar with; the entire system is compatible with both IT and OT, making it easier for the engineer team to cooperate and divide the work. The project duration is 3 months, and the project is delivered 1 month ahead of schedule.

Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases

Advantech 3C lens module inspection solution configuration

In the crane industry solution, in order to improve the working environment of workers and improve the hoisting accuracy and efficiency, the traditional crane industry gradually introduces ERP, MES and other information technologies, and combines the existing automation technology to realize production management data and warehouse material information data Seamless connection, improve operation accuracy and efficiency, and make warehouse management reach a new height.


Project requirements:

Smart cranes require anti-sway devices, 3D scanning imaging, encoders, laser rangefinders, multiple interface functions such as uploading databases, and high-performance processors to handle complex calculations and analysis.

The customer engineering team has PLC programming background engineers and C# programming background engineers, and needs a set of platforms compatible with PLC and high-level languages.

The IPC+PLC solution is traditionally used, but the on-site ambient temperature is high, and the traditional control system is not wide temperature, which reduces the system stability. The wide temperature system is connected by a network cable, and multiple nodes pose a challenge to the system stability.

The traditional crane system needs to use the information MES to improve the operation efficiency and management level, and at the same time to improve the operation accuracy through the automation system.


Program advantages:

Advantech AMAX-5580 controller supports Modbus/CANBUS/serial port/analog and other interfaces to solve the problem of multi-component integration. 6th generation I5 level processor to solve complex algorithm requirements; with wireless WIFI, ODBC, MQTT and other interfaces and protocols, information is directly uploaded to the MES system.

Advantech’s solution supports real-time stable PLC kernel CODESYS, and supports PLC programming; meanwhile, the open Windows system is compatible with third-party algorithm software such as high-level languages.

The AMAX-5580 embedded non-rotating device has a wide temperature design of -10 to 60°C, and there is no internal plug-in device. The whole machine has been tested in harsh environments to improve system stability.

AMAX-5580 improves management capability and hoisting efficiency with the help of information interface and optimization algorithm. The PLC kernel is stable and real-time, and the hoisting accuracy is improved.

Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases

Advantech Smart Crane Solution

In the energy storage industry, the energy Internet technology continues to be upgraded. my country’s energy storage industry needs technology localization, rapid dispatching, friendly system access, intelligent analysis, and advanced control and dispatching schemes to achieve peak regulation and frequency regulation, peak-valley arbitrage, and support Local monitoring and remote monitoring are linked together, and are suitable for safe and rapid construction in various energy storage scenarios, ultimately achieving the purpose of safe and efficient energy storage and dispatch.


Project requirements:

The AGC of the energy storage EMS system needs a stable and reliable control scheme, based on IEC 61131-3 programming and maintenance

The solution needs to be localized independently and controllable, using the Linux system, and supporting the optimization algorithm of the energy storage solution

Requires Modbus, CAN, 104 protocol, friendly access with BMS and PCS, faster response speed

International well-known brand control scheme, can achieve timely professional technical support, stable and reliable

Support multi-point I/O signal acquisition


Program advantages:

The embedded fanless design of AMAX-5580 edge controller is safe and stable, and the built-in CODESYS supports standard IEC 61131-3 development and programming.

Kunshan processing and manufacturing, Linux operating system, independent and controllable solution technology.

It comes with a variety of bus interfaces and communication protocols, and cooperates with the power gateway to realize 104 protocol series connection, which can quickly access BMS and PSC systems; cooperate with customer optimization algorithms to achieve 1s~2s grid self-adjustment speed.

Advantech has been an industrial PC international company for 38 years, from quality, delivery, and after-sales to the whole process of quality assurance and service.

Based on EtherCAT local and remote I/O modules, high-speed and flexible acquisition and control of field device status.

Integrate edge computing into industrial manufacturing – edge control solutions and application cases


With the rise of edge computing, edge intelligence has become a key part of industrial intelligence. Edge controllers are gradually replacing traditional controllers with their inherent computing power, networking, and real-time advantages, providing a powerful digital engine for thousands of industries. Of course, we have also seen leading industrial control manufacturers like Advantech that are meeting the application needs of different devices and scenarios with comprehensive edge control solutions. Edge computing is integrated into the industrial field, and the future is here!

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