Industry 4.0 industrial robots show their talents

Since 2013, my country has become the world’s largest Industrial robot consumer market for six consecutive years, accounting for more than 1/3 of the share. With the demand for intelligent transformation of enterprises, the role of industrial Robots in intelligent production is becoming more and more important.

1. Large-scale production application of industrial robots

With the introduction of the concept of Industry 4.0 in Germany and the release of “Made in China 2025”, industrial robots have become an important part of the manufacturing process. The standard configuration of automation equipment has been widely used in all aspects of production, and has become a beautiful landscape for the large-scale production of the factory.

Industry 4.0 industrial robots show their talents
Industrial Robot

With the needs of the market and the development and progress of science and technology, the application scope of industrial robots in factories is getting bigger and bigger, and the functions are getting stronger and stronger. Action, and now to build automated workstations from the aspects of improving product production efficiency, technology and product quality.

At present, the production application of industrial robots has penetrated into all aspects of product production, and within the established procedures and scope, the realization of product processing, pick and place, handling, stacking and other functions. Of course, not all production links are suitable for the use of industrial robots. Before being put into application, a comprehensive technical and economic evaluation should be carried out. The following points must be met:

① The picking and unloading actions of industrial robots should meet the requirements of production efficiency in terms of time.

② It should meet the production process requirements of the product and the technical requirements of the integrated equipment.

③Industrial robots grab materials should meet the requirements of product processing accuracy and appearance in the production process.

④Meet the production load and safety protection requirements

2. The role of industrial robots in production

With the expansion of the application scope of industrial robots in production, there are constantly higher requirements for robots, and the level of robot technology has been continuously improved, especially the improvement of performance and intelligence, making robots continue to replace the role of humans in production. From replacing most of the manual labor of people, to part of the mental labor, and then continuously developing into the integrated automated production system, it plays a role in management and coordination.

A single robot has no practical value in production. In production, the robot is only reflected by different end effectors (hand grippers) according to the production process, product structure, process requirements and other factors to realize various loading and unloading, assembly. , processing, welding, stacking, testing and other job functions.

Industry 4.0 industrial robots show their talents
The role of industrial robots in production

3. Industrial robot integrated CNC machining

In the process of CNC production and processing, more manpower is often required, including operators, loading and unloading personnel, testing personnel, material handling personnel, maintenance technicians, etc. In such a production environment with high manual participation, the production capacity , cost, quality and other aspects are easily affected, so how to use robots and automated equipment to reduce manpower needs and reduce labor costs is particularly important.

Industry 4.0 industrial robots show their talents
Industrial Robot Integrated CNC CNC Machining

On the basis of satisfying the existing production efficiency and rhythm, comprehensively analyze the process, workshop layout and logistics status of CNC CNC production products, and use robots to imitate CNC operation and the action requirements of loading and unloading personnel to replace CNC CNC machine tool operation and The loading and unloading personnel work, and a CNC one-to-two workstation is developed.

At the same time, on the basis of CNC one-to-two, the CNC one-to-two system was developed. On the premise of meeting the production speed, the robot was installed on the guide rail to expand the working range of the robot. One robot corresponds to multiple CNC machining centers, and the The economic benefits of robots are maximized.

4. The “Industry 4.0” factory

Scientific and rational planning of automatic factory logistics is the precondition for the realization of smart factories. According to the logistics requirements of each processing station (method, demand, demand rhythm), a systematic automatic material supply system is established, and logistics scheduling logic is developed. Set up a logistics docking site. Use AGV trolleys to replace logistics personnel, and connect all production equipment, automated stations, processing units, testing and other links in the workshop to reduce intermediate links, shorten product logistics cycle, and enable processing, assembly, testing, logistics and loading and unloading. And other production links are connected together in an orderly manner to achieve accurate, timely and orderly automatic transfer and docking of materials between production units.

By building a SCADA system, real-time collection, analysis, and monitoring of product processing at the production station, equipment status information, AGV real-time operating status, equipment failure and cause analysis, production capacity and production cycle statistics, product inspection data, etc. It is transmitted to the production data monitoring center to ensure product production quality and production continuity, and at the same time, continuously optimize the production process, reduce wear and tear, and improve production efficiency.

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