[In-depth analysis]The strategic layout of the development of China’s robot industry

Now, a new roundindustryThe revolutionary battle has begun. In order to improve my country’s manufacturing level and lead the world in the future Industrial field, in 2015, my country issued “Made in China 2025“Strategic planning, willrobotThe development of the industry has been upgraded to a strategic level. As a result, my country has fully launched the construction and layout in the field of Robot Industry.

Now, the application of Robots is becoming more and more common, so that all countries regard robots as a national strategy to develop, so why do robots receive so much attention? In the past, people regarded robots as a technology and product, but now robots are completely seen as a new species. Then, since it is a new species, it must have a complete natural system, and with the gradual development of robots, robots will also have their own ethics. For humans, on the one hand, robots have a huge supporting and promoting role; on the other hand, robots are also a double-edged sword, which may have potential threats in the future. Therefore, treating robots as a new species is of great significance to the development of human beings.

[In-depth analysis]The strategic layout of the development of China’s robot industry

This article will sort out my country’s robot strategy from three aspects. First, robots and national strategies; second, the five-year development plan for Chinese robots in the future; third, the major strategic layout of Chinese robots. It is hoped that through the sorting out of these three aspects, both internationally and China’s own development of the robot industry can give people a clear understanding, so that everyone can know the trend and direction of the future development of the robot industry.

Robots and National Strategy

First, let’s take a look at the dynamics of countries in robotics and national strategies.

In recent years, the United States has been emphasizing the return of manufacturing, so what is its core support? I think there are two, one is a robot and the other is an artificial intelligence. Since 2012, the return of American manufacturing has been based on digital technology,robot technologyfor support. In 2013, the United States proposed a roadmap for the development of robots, integrating the internet into the production process of robots, which is a new development idea in the field of robots in the United States. Until October 2016, the United States proposed a new strategic plan for artificial intelligence research and development. So, from robotics to IoT to artificial intelligence, the roadmap for the return of American manufacturing is clear.

The most typical manufacturing developed country in Europe is Germany, which took the lead in proposing “Industry 4.0“Concept. We know that the core idea of ​​Industry 4.0 is actually to support each other with information technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, etc. to form a new manufacturing method. Germany uses this to lead the development of manufacturing again. France proposed a new The robot action plan includes encouraging enterprises to apply robots, conducting international cooperation, setting standards and building scientific research institutions. At the same time, the UK has also proposed a strategic plan for robot autonomous systems.

As a neighbor of my country, Japan also proposes to carry out the robot revolution, and has set up three major goals: one is to become the robot innovation base of the whole world; the second is to become the world’s largest robot application country; the third is to move towards a new era of world-leading robots . As we all know, Japan has always been at the forefront of the world’s manufacturing power, and it has done a lot of supporting work in the field of Robotic services. It has an important action plan, mainly to set up the Robot Revolution Promotion Committee, which includes many robot development agencies and robot competition organizers, and will promote the development of the robot industry from all levels.

So, we seerobotThe development of China is no longer an issue of a certain country, but has become an international issue. So many countries around the world regard the development of the robot industry as a national strategy, which shows that robots will be a trend in future development. Since it is a trend, the robot industry must achieve rapid development, and this development process must be a challenge to the entire industry. This is a new industrial revolution, and a major change will be made in terms of cost, technological progress, personalized customization of users, production methods, and production tools. It can be said that robots are changing the way of human production, including defense, medical and other fields.

Today, a new generation of robots has penetrated into all areas of human life. Against this background, our country proposes theMade in China 2025“Strategic plan, aiming to build my country into a world manufacturing power. At the same time, the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan is also a major challenge for my country in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution. On the one hand, the transformation of the world’s manufacturing industry forces us to innovate the manufacturing model. Therefore, my country has proposed five key projects as the basis for strong foundations, including construction engineering, intelligent manufacturing engineering, industrial strong foundation engineering, green manufacturing engineering and high-end equipment innovation engineering.On the basis of these five major projects, ten key areas are subdivided. Among them, the second largest area is robotics and high-end digitalmachine toolindustry, which shows that our country places robotics-related fields in a very critical position. On the other hand, my country has planned a clear roadmap for future robot development, including key technologies, components, and the construction of the entire application demonstration platform. Therefore, the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan has both macro goals and clear context, and has become a “magic weapon” for my country’s manufacturing industry to win in the future.

[In-depth analysis]The strategic layout of the development of China’s robot industry

Five-year development plan for Chinese robots in the future

At present, the idea of ​​the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. So, have we ever thought about what is the main content and purpose of China’s formulation of the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan? Where is the robot industry?

From March to April 2016, my country released the development plan for the robot industry in the next five years, which detailed the goals and tasks of the robot industry in the next five years.

The specific goals are as follows:

The scale of the industry continues to grow.own brandIndustrial RobotThe annual output reaches 100,000 units, and the annual output of industrial robots with six axes and above reaches more than 50,000 units.service robotThe annual sales revenue exceeds 30 billion yuan, and small batch production and application are realized in the fields of helping the elderly and the disabled, medical rehabilitation and other fields. Cultivate more than 3 leading enterprises with international competitiveness, and create more than 5 robot supporting industrial clusters.

[In-depth analysis]The strategic layout of the development of China’s robot industry

The technical level has been significantly improved.The main technical indicators such as speed, load, accuracy, and self-weight ratio of industrial robots have reached the level of similar foreign products, and the mean time between failures (MTBF) has reached 80,000 hours;robot technologyThe level is close to the international level. A new generation of robot technology has made breakthroughs,smart robotRealize innovative applications.

Major breakthroughs have been made in key components.Precision for Robotsreducer,Servomotorand drives,controllerIts performance, accuracy and reliability have reached the level of similar foreign products, and it has been applied in batches in industrial robots with six axes and above, with a market share of more than 50%.

The integrated application has achieved remarkable results. Complete more than 30 comprehensive robot application solutions in typical fields, and form corresponding standards and specifications to achieve large-scale application of robots in key industries, with a robot density of more than 150.

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