Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

Last week, the ITC infrared training in October ended perfectly

For those who couldn’t participate due to various reasons, here comes the opportunity

November classes are on schedule

Want to become an advanced infrared thermographer

Technical staff of various industries for thermal imaging analysts

Sign up for training now

Explore the world of infrared with like-minded friends

Improve your skills and win more promotion opportunities~

  Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

 ITC training latest courses

November 14-18


Course: Level 1

just one week

Thermal imaging novice can become a professional thermographer

Become an all-round thermographer with parallel theory and practice

Make sure to seize this opportunity~

Below, Xiao Fei will review it for you.

Knowledge points that must be learned in ITC infrared training

  Knowledge point ①: professional training at international level

ITC Infrared Training is the world’s largest provider of infrared technology training and international certification. With the most authoritative infrared training courses in the world, there are training bases in more than 30 countries around the world, covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, etc., and it is the only training center in the world that has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management standard certification. . ITC infrared training is professional training for the infrared thermal imaging industry, providing training courses in all areas of infrared thermal imaging, as well as international certification and re-certification.

 Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

At present, China is mainly ITC infrared first-level training, which is aimed at new users of infrared thermal imaging cameras, mainly focusing on the application of thermal imaging cameras for various conditions monitoring, reliability maintenance and building energy saving. Students who complete all training course requirements and thermal imaging fieldwork will receive an ITC Level 1 certificate, which is very suitable for inexperienced students~

 Knowledge point ②: theory and practice are equally important

Due to the decisive factor of temperature, temperature measurement has become extremely important in modern society. Philip’s thermal imaging equipment is widely used in military, security, machinery, electrical, medical, construction, veterinary, etc., and even household fields. Application scenarios, so the scope of ITC training is very wide, covering almost all industries related to temperature.

 Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

Mechatronics systems, building and roof applications, optical gas imaging, furnace inspections, and research and development courses are all available at ITC infrared training. The ITC Certification Training Course includes comprehensive laboratory hands-on practice and workshops designed to engage participants and join the challenge!

 Knowledge point ③: The training instructor is experienced

ITC lecturers are trainers and thermal imagers with senior experience in related industries around the world. They have ASNT, EPRI, EN, BINDT and ISO qualifications. Their rich knowledge and experience will bring you a better understanding of the infrared world! The lecturer in China is Mr. Sun Yu (Neo) who has 6+ years of technical training career. He holds ITC first and second certificates, and has very rich theoretical and practical experience! For pre-class consultation, you can directly add Mr. Sun’s WeChat 13764206182 (same mobile phone).

  Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

 Knowledge point ④: Master various infrared imaging capabilities

We have trained many trainees with extensive experience, professional support staff, training equipment/application labs, etc. After completing the ITC infrared training, you will acquire the following skills:

Improve the ability to interpret heat maps and use historical records of temperature measurement data to make trend analysis;

Learn to use the most appropriate techniques when creating infrared inspection reports;

Learn to distinguish between real hotspots and fake ones to avoid costly mistakes;

Certification, training and quality standards that meet many employer and client requirements;

Combine the knowledge of thermodynamics and infrared electromagnetic radiation for better use of thermal imaging cameras in all walks of life.

 Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

 Knowledge Point ⑤: Issuing Internationally Accredited Graduation Certificates

This five-day course focuses on the practical training phase. After a brief introduction to the basic principles of thermal imaging, you can enter the practical training phase. The course contains a variety of exercises where the lecturer analyzes heatmaps, sketches and brief icons to illustrate the theoretical part in a descriptive manner.

Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

The practical part of the course will focus on infrared measurement techniques and the effect of emissivity and reflected apparent temperature on measurement results. We will arrange for you to take measurements on actual equipment and you will learn how and when to use thermal imaging techniques for qualitative and quantitative measurements. After the training is completed, an exam will be conducted. The exam content is divided into multiple-choice questions and heat map analysis questions. If you pass the exam, you will be awarded the ITC Level 1 certificate.

  Important notice|ITC infrared training can be registered again~

No regrets in life

Efforts to improve yourself are more meaningful than looking up to others

A friend who wants to become an all-round thermal imager

Come register by:

Telephone registration: 021-5169 7628 ext. 213 Miss Hu

Email registration: [email protected]

WeChat registration: Click to read the original text, you can register directly

If you still have questions about the training course, you are welcome to consult our professional tutors. You can directly send an email to [email protected] or call Mr. Sun at 021-5169 7628 and ext. 315. You can also directly add Mr. Sun’s WeChat 13764206182 (same as cell phone).

If you have additional infrared training needs

As long as the number of students reaches 15

and conflicting with the established curriculum

We can arrange professional tutors to teach classes.

If you have any concerns, please consult before class

Of course, you can also click “read the original text” to register.

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