igus acquires majority stake in Commonplace Robotics, substantially boosts innovation capabilities

igus Motion Plastics combines with innovative software from Commonplace Robotics to provide users with an easy-to-use automation solution

The motion plastics specialist igus has been continuously investing in and developing its low-cost automation technology. Recently, igus successfully acquired a majority stake in the German company Commonplace Robotics. Commonplace Robotics is an integrator that develops and produces easy-to-use control systems and software, as well as Robotic power electronics for industry and education. So far, the two companies have carried out in-depth cooperation for up to six years, and during this period, they have successfully cooperated in the development of products such as the igus robot control system iRC, among which iRC has now become the igus low-cost kinematics system made of high-performance engineering plastics. An important product of the component series.

igus acquires majority stake in Commonplace Robotics, substantially boosts innovation capabilities

Join the igus family: igus has acquired a majority of shares in Commonplace Robotics, and the two parties have cooperated in the development of ReBeL collaborative Robots and other products. On the left is Dr. Christian Meyer, CEO of Commonplace Robotics, and on the right is Frank Blase, CEO of igus. (Source: igus GmbH)

Commonplace Robotics was founded by Dr. Christian Meyer 11 years ago while still working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA). From the name, we can see that the company aims to develop general automation products suitable for various application scenarios, so as to help users realize the integration and operation of robots easily and at low cost. Its first product developed with a control system and proprietary power electronics was a teaching robot. In 2016, Dr. Christian Meyer approached igus for cooperation, because he found that igus’ robot kinematics components were cost-effective, easy to use and suitable for Industrial applications, which coincided with the ideas he advocated. Since then, the two companies have cooperated in the development of products, and products such as igus’ robot control system iRC, drives and ReBeL collaborative robots are the results of joint research and development of the two companies. Due to Commonplace Robotics’ highly vertically integrated capabilities, from firmware and software development to control cabinet production and control board assembly, product development is always carried out quickly.

Driving Low-Cost Automation with Greater Innovation

“Many customers are pleasantly surprised that many simple robotic tasks can be deployed in as little as 30 minutes, without any programming knowledge,” says igus CEO Frank Blase. “We are also very pleased that, After in-depth cooperation over the past six years, the two parties have been able to work together to promote the development of low-cost automation technology.” This acquisition brings the innovation advantages of Commonplace Robotics and igus closer together. Dr. Christian Meyer said: “We are looking forward to carrying out more exciting technical projects with igus. RBTX, the low-cost robot market operated by igus, brings the demands of customers from various fields to our laboratory every day for our product development. It provides a lot of new ideas. For most of them, we can quickly provide solutions for customers, especially when the company has been growing after receiving investment from igus.” The latest results of the cooperation between the two companies It is a ReBeL collaborative robot (including control system). The robot, now also available as a separate component, combines igus’ kinematic plastics expertise in gearboxes with power electronics and software from Commonplace Robotics. ReBeL has a total of six axles, a payload of two kilograms and an arm span of 664 mm, while its net weight is only 8.2 kg. Not only can the robot be used in traditional fields of application such as quality control and pick-and-place applications in the field of mechanical engineering, it is now increasingly being used in emerging fields such as restaurant automation and urban agriculture.

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