Huawei hopes to upgrade “machine vision” to “industry perception”

On December 30, 2022, Huawei’s IRB (the Investment Review Board: Investment Review Committee) issued a formal resolution: In order to better leverage the advantages of multiple product portfolios such as end, edge, cloud, and network, as well as multiple technologies such as visual perception and light perception Integrating advantages, building a differentiated industry perception solution, helping the digital transformation of the industry, and upgrading the machine vision business from visual perception to multi-dimensional industry perception. It is hoped that “machine vision” will be upgraded to “industry perception”, which shows that Huawei will continue to strive to provide competitive products and solutions for the industry digital transformation of government and enterprise customers. Long term investment.

01 Perception is the premise of all intelligence and the basis for the digital transformation of the industry

To realize the digital transformation of thousands of industries, it is necessary to establish a ubiquitous perception system covering all time and space, build industry perception capabilities, and ensure that digital twins can comprehensively, real-time, and accurately perceive changes in the state of the physical world.

Without correct perception, there will be no correct data model, let alone correct decision-making control. Accurate perception is the premise of all intelligence and the foundation of the digital transformation of the industry.

Huawei hopes to upgrade “machine vision” to “industry perception”

02Industrial digitalization drives perception business to enter a high-speed growth cycle, and multi-dimensional perception integration has become a trend

The application of perception technology is shifting from being driven by public safety to being driven by industry digitalization. The application of perception technology is becoming more and more extensive, including scenarios such as people’s livelihood security, enterprise management efficiency improvement, and intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, driven by the digitalization of the industry, the integration of multi-dimensional perception, AI, big data, edge-cloud collaboration and other technical applications are becoming more and more in-depth. What customers need is no longer a pile of simple devices, but can solve the problem of digital transformation. The whole network solution.

Huawei hopes to upgrade “machine vision” to “industry perception”

Based on Huawei’s rich digitalization practices over the years, Huawei’s digital transformation solutions that integrate industry perception, connectivity, computing, storage, and cloud will create more value for customers and partners.

03Insist on “innovation” and “openness” to win the new era of industry digitalization

Huawei hopes to upgrade “machine vision” to “industry perception”

In 2020, “Intelligent Security” was renamed “Machine Vision”, which reflects that Huawei has realized that “Security” cannot represent the full connotation of visual perception technology, and must jump out of “Security” to look at “Smart Management and Operation”. Three years have passed, and “using vision to assist intelligent management and operation” has become an industry consensus.

Today, “machine vision” has been upgraded to “industry perception”, which further reflects Huawei’s determination to focus on the industry’s digital track and make “perception” a core capability for long-term investment.

The curtain of industry digitization has been lifted, and the big ship of industry perception has set sail. In the future-oriented journey, Huawei will always insist on:

First, adhere to technological innovation and continue to invest in core root technologies perceived by the industry. Based on the advantages of existing visual perception root technologies such as optics, computational imaging, and perception algorithms, we will increase research and exploration of other perception root technologies to create the industry’s most competitive industry perception base.

Second, adhere to the concept of “open symbiosis, intelligent win-win”, focus on partners, and continue to increase channel development, sinking and empowerment. Through the open platform architecture, continue to enrich the ecosystem of the sensing industry, lead the development of the industry, and work with partners to create an optimal vitality of the sensing industry ecosystem, and win the era of industry digitalization.

Good hope, perceive everything, and light up the smart world.

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