Huarui Technology: Machine Vision and Mobile Robots Compose a Blueprint for Industrial Digitalization

As one of the key technical fields of modern intelligent manufacturing, mobilerobotIn recent years, it has shown a huge market development space, showing important strategic significance, and the trend of explosive growth is obvious.At the same time, visual perception continues to deepen in fields such as mobile Robots. From pallet recognition to navigation and obstacle avoidance, technological progress is constantly expanding.machine visionapplication space. Complementing each other, mobile robots and machine vision are pushing each other higher and further.

Recently, according to the development trend of the industry, Zhejiang Huarui Technology Co., Ltd., one of the representative enterprises of machine vision and mobile robot products, accepted an interview with OFweek, and launched Huarui’s intelligent blueprint for products, services and the future.

Create a rich product line based on customer needs

At present, Huarui has mobile robot products such as latent type, fork type, transfer type, software platform, inspection robot, etc., as well as area scan cameras, line scan cameras, smart code readers, smart cameras, algorithm platforms, 3D stereo cameras , lens, light source and other machine vision products. Various types of products are the best proof of Huarui’s customer orientation. Wang Zheng, R&D director of Huarui, said that starting from customer needs is a major route of Huarui’s product development. In the process of continuously developing and serving customers, Huarui constantly explores the pain points and needs of customers, and continuously optimizes products.

Huarui Technology: Machine Vision and Mobile Robots Compose a Blueprint for Industrial Digitalization

While serving customers, Huarui has also gained more recognition and trust. This aspect comes from Huarui’s rich and comprehensive solutions. sexual solution. On the other hand, from hardware to core technology, Huarui has realized self-research, which has brought about cost reduction and accelerated the realization of cost reduction and efficiency increase. As a result, Huarui has won word of mouth and continuously expanded its customer base.

In the face of the obvious homogenization of mobile robots, Huarui not only establishes competitiveness in products, but also responds strategically. First: Huarui believes that logistics handling is systematic and holistic, and a single hardware cannot meet the project implementation, and different products need to complement each other to create value for customers. Second, through solid research and development, combined with deployment experience, HuaRay adapts different products for each customer and each scenario for different applications, so as to achieve product diversification. In addition, Huarui is also improving the ecological circle, establishing a stable supply chain, and delivering excellent products and services to customers. Products, solutions and services work together to bring value to customers.

Comprehensive development of technology to facilitate rapid deployment

Modularization and standardization are the strategies that Huarui has always adhered to, to achieve rapid replication of projects and product iterations. At the software level, Huarui has created modules such as motion control, SLAM navigation, and trajectory planning, so that the software has better continuity and guarantees subsequent system reconstruction and iteration. The modularity of the solution is also a highlight of HuaRay. Different types of scenarios correspond to different modules, which is conducive to quick implementation and project replication.

From hardware to software to the modularization of solutions, this is the layout that Huarui has determined from the beginning. Based on this, the delivery period of the projects made by Huarui can reach 3 months. For customers, it can be achieved faster. The input and output are also convenient for later maintenance.

Taking the lithium battery industry as an example, at the beginning of the 2020 epidemic, Huarui entered this incremental market after keenly sensing the development prospects of lithium batteries. The product quickly landed in many leading companies.

In addition to modularization, the smooth operation of the entire project also requires an intelligent scheduling system. For mobile robots, the software scheduling system is the brain center, which directly affects the operation ability of the project plan. Huarui’s rich product line also creates higher demands on the scheduling system. For this reason, the company has built its own software platform, equipped with Rui’s core module adopts intelligent scheduling algorithm to realize scientific task allocation strategy and scene configuration. It can independently plan routes, realize traffic control, and self-charging. It can also pre-allocate tasks according to production characteristics for different scenarios. For links in the production process that require high timeliness, it supports designated vehicles for special use.

At present, Huarui’s scheduling system can support the mixed scheduling of different products in the same scenario, whether it is a latent, fork-lift or transfer-type AMR, they can all run in a mixed field.Simultaneously support multiple navigation methods, multiplesensorfusion. Cooperating with Huarui’s own virtual simulation system and conducting simulations according to the customer’s site layout, it can effectively improve the project’s ability to implement and reduce the occurrence of problems.

Intelligent perception technology, expanding more applications

Perception is the foundation of robot intelligence. After obtaining effective information from the outside world through sensors, and then relying on intelligent algorithms for processing, robots can be directed to perform tasks such as intelligent handling and intelligent storage. At present, relying on sensing technologies such as visual cameras and lasers, HuaRay is advancing in the field of intelligent perception.

Huarui Technology: Machine Vision and Mobile Robots Compose a Blueprint for Industrial Digitalization

However, at this stage, limited by the level of technological development, a single sensor cannot obtain complete information on the scene, and cannot achieve more advanced intelligence. Therefore, based on the accumulation of multi-scenario applications over the years, Huarui has innovatively launched a multi-sensor fusion perception system, which can better adapt to different complex scenarios through complementary advantages.

Taking the factory warehouse scene as an example, the positioning of the camera with the QR code will improve the accuracy rate, but the accuracy requirements of the entire factory are not consistent. Therefore, Huarui integrates vision and laser navigation, and adds reflective strips at key positions that require high precision. Or QR code, which can not only meet customers’ demand for high precision, but also save deployment costs to a certain extent, and truly consider customers.

Since its establishment, HuaRay has positioned itself to bring intelligent solutions and products to Industrial customers. At present, HuaRay has more than 800 employees, with research and development accounting for more than 50%, and has accumulated 1000+ partners. The product solutions have covered 50+ sub- industry, paints a grand picture of industrialDigitizingblueprint.

On this basis, in the future, Huarui will continue to explore and expand in the industrial field, constantly update and iterate in practice, and bring more cost-effective products and applications to customers. On the other hand, it will also strengthen self-research on core technologies, use high-quality products to help customers quickly land, continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and at the same time dig deep into industry needs to create more benchmark products for mobile robots and machine vision.

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