How to play during the Dragon Boat Festival?Robots entertain you

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: With the development of artificial intelligence technology, todayrobotThey have penetrated into all aspects of people’s daily life. They not only produce high-tech products for us in factories, but also take care of our necessities at home. Wouldn’t it be very interesting to let such an almighty robot accompany you for the Dragon Boat Festival?

Decades ago, the wave of robotics began sweeping cars and other factories, only to stop at factories with relatively few employees. Technological advancements have now made Robots more intelligent and versatile, arranging shelves, trimming trees, making cocktails and providing room service…

A game of Go with robots

Go has long been considered the most challenging game for artificial intelligence in traditional games. This is not only because Go contains a huge search space, but also because the difficulty of evaluating the position of a move is far more difficult than a simple heuristic algorithm.

Playing Go with robots is nothing new. From last year’s AlphaGo to today’s AlphaGo 2.0, artificial intelligence is developing at an unimaginable speed. Recently, the legendary “Human Machine War 2.0” was staged. This time, AlphaGo 2.0 came to Wuzhen, China, and played the first game of three rounds with Ke Jie, who is currently ranked No. 1 in the world in Go (the previous five rounds), and the result was that AlphaGo held a 1/4 victory for White. .

Seeing such a wonderful man-machine game, have you been itching for a long time? Today, there are many kinds of robots proficient in chess on the market, take advantage of the upcoming holiday to show off against them!

Cheering for the Robot Dragon Boat Race

Dragon boat racing has always been a traditional custom in my country, but you must have never seen a robot rowing a dragon boat. On the occasion of the first “National Science and Technology Workers Day” on May 30, Shenzhen has launched a series of scientific and technological cultural activities. In Shenzhen Mission Hills Ecological Sports Park, the first Qiyuan Robotics Technology and Culture Festival in 2017 staged a unique robot dragon boat race, bringing a new experience combining traditional culture and technology.

It is reported that every dragon boat in the Qiyuan Robot Dragon Boat Race is actually a robot. These dragon boat robots compete under the control of an intelligent system, which is very interesting and attracts many citizens and tourists to watch. In addition, the robot dragon boat race, combined with Dragon Boat Festival activities such as dragon boat DIY and sachet DIY, has become an emerging tourism experience project, so that tourists who come to visit can participate in it and experience the fun brought by modern technology to the traditional Dragon Boat Festival.

Not enough fun? At the event site of the Science and Technology and Culture Festival, there are also various forms of performances such as robot competitive entertainment, large-scale robot exhibition, robot science gallery, robot in-depth experience, man-machine battle, robot performance, etc., combining dynamic and static, traditional culture and intelligent high-tech, The combination of public participation and niche in-depth experience, multi-dimensional Display brings tourists a new park experience.

Watch the robot carve patterns on eggs

Although robots are composed of many heavy parts, they also have a side of ingenuity.At the 18th Lijia International in 2017mechanicalexhibitionOn the scene, all kinds of robots are dazzling.

One of the robots with patterns carved on eggs attracted many audiences. I saw that the robot used a “needle tip” of about 0.2 mm to carefully carve each stroke. After a few minutes, not only did the egg not break, but also a beautiful pattern appeared on the eggshell. “This engraving robot can not only engrave itself, but also perform online measurement before engraving.” The relevant person in charge of Beijing Jingdiao Technology said, “Its measurement accuracy can reach 0.002 mm.” The person in charge said, and in the end How much force is applied to the egg so that the egg is not broken and can be carved with exquisite patterns. “This is also done automatically by the robot.”

If you see this and you are already impressed by the capabilities of robots, then you underestimate them too much. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, robots have penetrated into all aspects of people’s daily life. They not only produce high-tech products for us in factories, but also take care of our necessities at home. In the future, robots will have more unexpected surprises waiting for us to discover.

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