HARTING | Witness the charm of the Chinese market and create a green and low-carbon future

China has always been a firm supporter and participant of the concept of sustainable development, as well as an active practitioner. In order to achieve sustainable economic and social development and practice the idea of ​​circular economy and green development, the concept of sustainable development has been elevated to a national strategy. In September 2020, China clearly put forward the goals of “carbon peaking” in 2030 and “carbon neutrality” in 2060. With the continuous updating and deepening of the understanding of carbon emission reduction in the Industrial field, the “dual carbon” goal has become a new era. the core issue of high-quality economic development.

In this context, HARTING China, as an all-round solution provider, further strengthens localized operations, and maintains close relationships with domestic Chinese customers at all times, whether in production, sales, or in R&D, innovation and service. connect. At the same time, in the fields of Robots, data centers and renewable energy, we work with many Chinese partners to jointly develop new products and create new technologies, so as to contribute wisdom and strength to China’s realization of the “dual carbon” goal.

In recent years, China has continued to innovate in wind power, photovoltaics, energy storage and other fields, creating a complete green power industry chain and forming a significant cost advantage. The strong market demand of the green power industry chain has driven the “explosive” growth of the industry chain, and related companies have ushered in a new round of development opportunities. In the wind power market, HARTING China’s Customized Solutions (HCS) can help users to achieve quick connection, put the product into use immediately after delivery, optimize the on-site assembly process, and meet the needs of efficient production. Today, HARTING China’s industrial connection technology is not only widely used in rail transit, robotics and other fields, but also has broad application prospects in wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage and other fields with great growth potential. For example, in the world-leading Chinese battery technology field, HARTING industrial connectivity solutions are applied to all aspects of the battery production line to ensure the stable operation of the entire production line and play a crucial role in efficient and safe production.

Smart manufacturing is a key technology for China to promote sustainable development. On the one hand, China is a user of such forward-looking technologies, and on the other hand, it is also a technology partner, producer and supplier around the world. “In this regard, China pays more attention to the overall situation. We have not only formulated a detailed strategic plan, but also clarified the key points of developing innovative high-end industrial projects. The speed of new technology implementation and innovative technology research and development is advancing by leaps and bounds. The unique characteristics of the country.” said Chen Bo, general manager of HARTING Greater China.

HARTING | Witness the charm of the Chinese market and create a green and low-carbon future

Green manufacturing is another key technology to promote sustainable development. In order to improve energy efficiency and reduce resource consumption, the Chinese government encourages enterprises, research institutes and universities to cooperate in establishing R&D centers to achieve innovation and technological breakthroughs in key areas. “HARTING’s connection solutions for production environments and processes can not only help users establish innovative technology systems and improve technological innovation capabilities, but also accelerate the formation of green and low-carbon production methods. For a long time, HARTING China and KUKA (KUKA) Cooperate with many local emerging robot companies to promote the full automation of modern factories in China through Industrial Robot solutions.” said Christine Schumacher, CEO of HARTING Customized Solutions (HCS).

HARTING not only has a large-scale research and development team, but also can meet the high standard requirements of Chinese local customers. More importantly, in order to create ready-to-deploy applications in China, HARTING and partners jointly develop joint solutions that perfectly fit China’s technological leadership on site, and promote collaborative engineering design. The solutions jointly developed by the two parties are not only for the Chinese market, but also for the global market.

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