Green development adds new paths Schneider Electric empowers the whole process of the green hydrogen industry with digital twins

Changzhou, China, March 22, 2023—As one of the recognized clean energy sources and an important Industrial raw material, the hydrogen industry and the utilization of hydrogen energy have become one of the focuses for the realization of the double carbon target. With the continuous evolution of energy technology, the large-scale application of green electricity and green hydrogen provides an effective way for the chemical industry to reduce carbon emissions, and also brings new benefits to the wind power and photovoltaic industry chain, electrolysis of water hydrogen production technology and equipment, and hydrogen storage and transportation industry. huge market opportunity. Today, the “2023 Green Power, Green Hydrogen and Chemical Coupling Development Forum” was held in Changzhou. Schneider Electric demonstrated solutions covering the entire life cycle of the green hydrogen industry, empowering the entire process of green hydrogen coupled chemical industry with power and process digital twin solutions , to escort the safe, stable, long-term, full-load and optimized operation of green hydrogen chemical enterprises.

  Green development adds new paths Schneider Electric empowers the whole process of the green hydrogen industry with digital twins

“2023 Green Electricity, Green Hydrogen and Chemical Coupling Development Forum” site

With a series of guiding documents such as the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting High-Quality Development of the Petrochemical and Chemical Industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan” pointing out the need to promote demonstration cases of the coupling of petrochemical and green hydrogen, many leading companies in the industry are entering the market to explore green hydrogen development and utilization. On the other hand, the green hydrogen process is facing the current conflict between the uncertainty of renewable energy and the safety and stability of chemical production. It is urgent to realize the long-term stability of the green “new path” through integrated solutions covering the entire life cycle.

“Achieving safe and efficient operation, access to new energy, reducing costs, reducing risks, improving flexibility and achieving scale expansion are all key benefits in the development of green hydrogen,” concluded Gong Daren, manager of industrial digital solutions at Schneider Electric “Enabled by digital solutions, Schneider Electric will provide visibility for project investment decisions through digital twin solutions integrating power and energy, reduce cost losses and minimize carbon footprints with end-to-end, integrated engineering, and release green energy. Operational and Environmental Benefits of Hydrogen.”

In order to overcome the challenges brought about by hydrogen transformation, whether it is new energy power generation, electrolytic hydrogen production or chemical production scenarios, engineering teams must fully embrace digital transformation to empower innovation, agility and collaboration. In the field of chemical industry and green hydrogen, Schneider Electric has complete power distribution and automation solutions, including interconnected medium and low voltage inverters, medium and low voltage power distribution products, distributed control systems EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS, EcoStruxure Triconex safety instrumented systems, PLC, Field instruments, etc. Using the process + power digital twin solution consisting of AVEVA Process Simulation process simulation software and ETAP power system simulation software, engineers can integrate design data with real-time factory data, and access and visualize data through simulation models, so that in Hydrogen industry:

  • Quickly evaluate design concepts based on project KPIs to accelerate process technology innovation and expansion;
  • Collaborate across departments and enterprises to reduce risk with a data-driven approach to engineering information;
  • Smooth start-up and operation, optimizing production capacity, profitability and carbon emission process;
  • Empower your workforce for continuous decision support and operational excellence.

In addition, Schneider Electric’s digital solutions rely on a variety of multi-scenario digital software combined with process automation intelligent control and safety products to cover the entire process of green hydrogen coupling chemical industry and tap the value of data: including AVEVA E3D 3D design software, AVEVA Diagram & Engineering integration A series of interconnections including the chemical process design and engineering platform, AVEVA ERM material and construction management system, AVEVA UOC integrated operation center and AVEVA PI System big data management platform, Foxboro DCS and Triconex SIS systems in the field of smart energy and chemical industry Its digital solutions help enterprises through the whole process of design, production, construction, personnel training and operation on the basis of digital twins, and comprehensively optimize factory performance.

  Green development adds new paths Schneider Electric empowers the whole process of the green hydrogen industry with digital twins

Schneider Electric empowers customers in the whole process of green hydrogen from production to application

According to the research data of the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance, the proportion of hydrogen produced by fossil energy will drop from 67% in 2020 to 20% in 2050; and in 2060, industry will become the main hydrogen application field, accounting for 60%. Regardless of the trend of green transformation, the huge demand of the process industry and the rapid development of new energy power will accelerate this trend. With digital empowerment, Schneider Electric will further deepen the field of green hydrogen, open up a new green path with customers with forward-looking and technological accumulation, and promote the industry to move towards an open, efficient and resilient, sustainable, and people-oriented future industry.

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