Go all out to support the development and growth of the robot industry

On June 29, Mayor Wei Yao led the responsible comrades of relevant departments to Yushan District and the city’s Economic Development Zone to go deep into the front line of enterprises, visit scientific research institutes, and conduct field research in our cityrobotIndustry development, and presided over a special scheduling meeting to study and deploy the next key tasks. Fang Xiaoli, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Ji Xiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor, and Zhang Zheng, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, participated in the research activities.

Engineering in ShanghaimechanicalIn the company, Wei Yao watched with great interest the operation demonstration of the fire-fighting robot independently developed by the company. Wei Yao praised the successful transformation of the company and hoped that the company will further increase investment in research and development and enhance its independent innovation capabilities.at Angong UniversityindustryIn the Robot Research Institute, Wei Yao inquired in detail about the industrialization direction of the developed Robots, and fully affirmed the research and development results. He pointed out that the Industrial Robot Research Institute of An Gong University is an important platform for the cooperation between the industry, universities and research institutes of the Robot Industry in our city. It is necessary to accelerate the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the robot industry in Ma’anshan. In Taier Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wei Yao has a detailed understanding of the Maanshan Intelligent Industrial Park project plan invested and constructed by the company. He hopes that Taier Heavy Industry will effectively play the leading role of leading enterprises, speed up the progress of project construction, and lead the development of the city’s robot industry. In the test center of Jingtian Intelligent Company, Wei Yao listened to the introduction of product application, and hoped that the company will further expand the market and develop and grow.

At the subsequent special scheduling meeting, Wei Yao pointed out after listening carefully to the speeches of relevant companies and departments that since our city was listed as a pilot city for the regional agglomeration development of the national robot industry, the development of the robot industry has achieved certain achievements, but There are still problems such as a small number of enterprises, a lack of leading enterprises, and an industrial chain that has not yet been formed. In this regard, we must attach great importance to it, further increase investment promotion and service enterprises, and take practical and effective measures to accelerate the development and growth of the robot industry. First, attach great importance. All counties, districts, parks and relevant departments should seize the opportunity of national-level pilot projects, put the cultivation and development of the robot industry as an important task on the agenda, clarify the goals, highlight the key points, and go all out to develop this strategic emerging industry well. Second, policy support. Quickly sort out existing policies, integrate commonalities, highlight characteristics, introduce special policies to support the development of the robot industry, and increase the publicity of policies to effectively improve the effectiveness of policies. The third is to cultivate leading enterprises. It is necessary to recruit the big and attract the strong, but also to support the excellent and the strong, increase the support for the existing leading and leading enterprises with characteristics and prospects in our city, lengthen and thicken the industrial chain, and drive the development and growth of the robot industry. Fourth, we must improve the promotion mechanism. Set up special classes, schedule regular schedules, and coordinate and solve specific problems in investment promotion, project construction, and enterprise development in a timely manner; increase publicity efforts, summarize and promote the successful experience of promoting excellent enterprise development, and call Ma’anshan’s Industrial Robot brand; increase service efforts , to solve the practical problems reported by enterprises in a timely manner, and ensure that various policies are implemented in a timely manner. Fang Xiaoli and Ji Xiang put forward specific requirements for promoting the development of the robot industry in our city.

(Reporter Wu Tianxiang)

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