GMCC Meizhi and Welling appeared in Thailand HVAC Exhibition

On September 7th, Thailand HVAC Exhibition (BANGKOK RHVAC) was grandly held in Bangkok. Midea Industrial Technology’s GMCC Meizhi and Welling Welling appeared in this exhibition with high-efficiency, energy-saving, green and low-carbon compressors and motors. Southeast Asian users bring products and technical solutions covering domestic, commercial, refrigeration, heat pump heating and other application scenarios.

GMCC Meizhi and Welling appeared in Thailand HVAC Exhibition

GMCC Meizhi and Welling appeared in Thailand HVAC Exhibition

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At present, the global epidemic situation and the world economic situation are severe and complex, and economic development faces multiple challenges. However, with the upgrading of industrial structure, diversification of consumption, and continuous upgrading of product standards in the household appliances and light business industries, it will bring new opportunities to the global refrigeration equipment market. and growth points. As the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, the second largest producer of air-conditioning units in the world, and the fourth largest producer of refrigerators in the world, Thailand has huge market potential.

In recent years, Midea Industrial Technology has actively promoted globalization. Relying on the advantages of core technology in the home appliance field, innovative R&D team, and strong supply chain system, Midea has radiated to Southeast Asia with Ayutthaya and Pathum Thani factories in Thailand as base stations. In 2021, GMCC Meizhi and Welling will export a total of 10.78 million units of air compressor, ice compressor, air power and ice power products to Thailand, an increase of 80.57% compared with four years ago, making a big step towards international development.

As the refrigeration equipment market gradually enters the era of high-end intelligent drive, suppliers of key components for home appliances and light commercial equipment are also promoting the development of component products in the direction of high efficiency, reliability and energy saving through technology. At this exhibition, GMCC Meizhi and Welling have innovative measures in terms of horizontal expansion of business categories and vertical technological deepening.

GMCC Meizhi compressor

Focus on high reliability, low noise, and a wide range of application scenarios

At this exhibition, a series of rotary compressors, scroll compressors and reciprocating compressors were all unveiled. GMCC has a rich product line of rotary compressors, which can support the use of green refrigerants, with high energy efficiency, miniaturization and high reliability, and can be widely used in household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, parking refrigeration equipment, refrigeration, heat pump heating, etc. multiple scenarios.

GMCC Meizhi and Welling appeared in Thailand HVAC Exhibition

GMCC Meizhi and Welling appeared in Thailand HVAC Exhibition

Facing the market demand for frequency conversion, GMCC Meizhi exhibited not only fixed speed series of different models, but also multi-series frequency conversion series reciprocating compressor products.

GMCC Meizhi and Welling appeared in Thailand HVAC Exhibition

In the exhibition area of ​​light commercial products, GMCC Meizhi displayed products made in China and Thailand respectively. Based on the technical advantages of high-efficiency refrigeration, wide cooling capacity and good matching of domestic light commercial products, GMCC has developed a series of R404A products in response to the diverse application scenarios of Thai light commercial products and the needs of stable operation under harsh conditions. , R513A, R449A and other heterogeneous refrigerant compressor products, combined with high reliability and high energy efficiency innovative design, suitable for various commercial scenarios such as medical treatment and logistics.

Welling Welling Motor

Enriched technical reserves and further production capacity planning

With innovation as the core, Welling Motors has achieved technical iterations in terms of efficiency, size, low noise, and reliability. At this exhibition, Welling exhibited light-weight, miniaturized, low-vibration, low-noise, high-energy-efficiency inverter air conditioner motors, air conditioner drainage pumps, light commercial air conditioner motors and refrigerator fans.

GMCC Meizhi and Welling appeared in Thailand HVAC Exhibition

In addition, the Ayutthaya plant in Thailand is about to start three to five motor production lines. It is expected that the annual production capacity will reach 2 million units after the official production. It will be used to produce ECM motors and pulsator motors to provide capacity guarantees for expanding overseas markets.

Under the background of globalization, domestic enterprises have more diversified and diversified ways of overseas layout. With the vision of “technology drives all things”, Midea Industrial Technology’s GMCC and Welling actively promote the support of technical strength, expand the market through the research and development of multi-field application products and solutions suitable for local users, and further deepen global development. layout.

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