Global layout + local cooperation, Hikvision’s European business deepens

On September 6, the UK IMHX Logistics Solutions Exhibition was grandly opened in Birmingham. As the UK’s premier intralogistics industry exhibition, IMHX has attracted customers and professionals from the warehousing logistics and supply chain industries to participate.

At this IMHX, Hikrobot cooperated with its local British partner Wise Robotics to participate in the exhibition, fully demonstrating HIKROBOT’s customized product service capabilities for the European market, as well as its strong localized operation and maintenance capabilities.

Global layout + local cooperation, Hikvision’s European business deepens

Leading by technology, continuous research and development, and condensing “product power”

Relying on a product R&D team of more than 2,000 people and years of R&D experience, Hikvision Robotics is committed to the research and development of intelligent, digital and scene-based mobile Robots and machine vision products, and continues to output industry solutions to empower customers.

In cooperation with Wise Robotics, Hikvision Robotics brought mobile robots and machine vision technology products and solutions in various aspects of factory logistics at this exhibition.

Global layout + local cooperation, Hikvision’s European business deepens

The CTU container robot adopts the fourth-generation architecture “smart base”, and cooperates with the LMR latent robot and the Smart Code Reader to realize the intelligentization of the whole process of container inbound and outbound and logistics in the warehouse, and improve the operation efficiency.

Deeply cultivate the market, empower the industry, and improve “execution”

In terms of business layout, through the establishment of localized teams and local high-quality partners, Hikvision Robotics has implemented projects in key industries such as retail, footwear and apparel in Europe, helping to improve the level of enterprise automation, improve the operational efficiency of the logistics industry, and redefine the “” Smart Logistics”.

Take the L&S Engineers project in the UK construction retail industry as an example. The project introduced mobile robots in the warehousing and logistics process. With a combination of software and hardware, it managed more than 30,000+ SKUs, supported daily order processing of 1,000+, and doubled the overall efficiency.

As a global provider of machine vision and mobile robot products and solutions, through continuous efforts in key regional markets, in the future, Hikvision Robotics will work with more partners to build on the existing 50+ countries/regions. , continue to expand business boundaries, jointly explore new ideas for smart logistics, and improve the level of automation in the industry.

2022 IMHX Exhibition Information

Global layout + local cooperation, Hikvision’s European business deepens

When: September 6-8, 2022

Address: NEC Birmingham, UK

Booth: Booth 5D47

The Links:   3BSE025255R1 3HEA506260-001

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