Global 5G Deep Integration Unstoppable——Interview with Cao Shumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University

From November 20th to 23rd, 2019, the “World 5G Conference” will be held in Beijing. my country will discuss the technology application and industrialization development of 5G with various economies around the world. Looking back on the development of international mobile communications, why can China become the leader of 5G technology? Where will the development of the global 5G industry go?

Innovation lays the foundation for China’s 5G leadership

“Whether it is technology, industry or application field, my country’s fifth-generation mobile communication (5G) is in a leading position in the world.” Cao Shumin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beihang University and former President of China Academy of Information and Communication, proudly told Science and Technology Daily reporter, from a technical point of view, in the field of 5G, the number of international standard texts proposed by my country accounts for about one-third of the world’s total, the number of patents owned by my country is also the first in the world, and Huawei is the company with the most 5G patents in the world; from the industry From the point of view, my country has developed key links in the Industrial chain such as 5G chips, mobile phones, and base stations earlier in the world, and has already put them into production; , and issued 5G licenses ahead of schedule this year, which is also relatively advanced internationally.

“From 1G to 5G, from blank to leading, the fundamental reason why my country has achieved today’s achievements in the field of mobile communication is to insist on independent innovation.” Cao Shumin said, reviewing the development of China’s mobile communication technology, from the blank of 1G to the development of 2G Following that, 3G started independent innovation. In the case of a very weak industrial foundation, it overcame difficulties to complete the technology research and development and industrial application of TD-SCDMA, and then 4G led the formulation and development of international standards for TD-LTE new generation broadband mobile communication technology. The promotion has achieved synchronization with the international advanced level, which has laid a high starting point and foundation for us to achieve 5G leadership.

Cao Shumin said that my country’s achievements in the field of mobile communications are also a typical representative of the new national system for tackling key and core technologies under the market economy. Under the competitive conditions of open markets at home and abroad, domestic production, learning, research, application and other levels, under the leadership of the government, work closely together to jointly promote scientific and technological innovation in this field. At the same time, my country’s huge market has also greatly promoted the development of mobile communication technology, forming a virtuous cycle of innovation and an innovation system in which market applications drive the network, the network drives the whole machine, and the whole machine drives the development of components such as chips.

“In addition, the rapid development of China’s mobile communication technology is also inseparable from the opportunities of the international environment.” Cao Shumin said that before the 2G era, there were only regional standards organizations in the world. Joining these organizations early, domestic mobile communication workers learn and innovate in them, developing and progressing rapidly.

Global 5G opening is unstoppable

“5G is the first mobile communication technology to formulate a global unified standard from the very beginning.” Cao Shumin said, 1G adopts the separate national standards of the United States, Britain, France, Japan, etc.; 2G began to appear in Europe and the United States. Regional standards; 3G began to appear international standards, but the texts submitted in different places were not the same, and eventually multiple standards coexisted; although the international standards of 4G are based on LTE technology, they are also divided into FDD-LTE and TD-LTE. After the arrival of 5G, the global academia and industry have reached a consensus that countries will no longer submit standards separately, but jointly formulate unified technical standards, which has realized the wish of the international mobile communication field for many years.

On the other hand, “the international 5G industry chain is also deeply integrated. It can be said that you have me and I have you.” In Cao Shumin’s view, adhere to openness, and 5G will have better development prospects.

“The deeper reason is that 5G fully conforms to the future trends of human progress, social development, and economic growth, and its large-scale application will inevitably be realized.” Cao Shumin pointed out that, from a trend point of view, 1G has realized the transmission of voice, and 2G has become popular. With the introduction of mobile phones, 3G has realized data transmission, and in the 4G era, mobile internet has entered thousands of households. The door of the Internet of Things will be opened in the 5G era, and it will expand to various industries and fields, extending to all aspects of the economy and society, changing human consumption patterns, changing human production methods, and providing high-quality social development and governance. s method.

“5G is the 5G of the world.” Cao Shumin emphasized that the deep integration of global 5G is unstoppable.

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