German airports introduce robots to help with parking but still not fully trusted

According to the German “Hands Daily” report on July 10, in the past two years,robotRay has been parking for passengers at Düsseldorf Airport, which saves space and reduces the burden on drivers. Yet many are hesitant to entrust their cars to Robots.

Humans can hand over the task of building cars to robots without hesitation, but parking is another story. After the world’s first parking robot “Ray” was put into use at Dusseldorf Airport, it has not been accepted by the public. Two years ago, robots were in charge of parking cars at transfer stations at airports and preparing them for reuse. This saves parking space and prevents drivers from endlessly searching for a parking space.

A spokesman for the airport said the use of the parking robot had peaked at about 60 percent so far, compared with 30 to 40 percent under normal circumstances, because people still didn’t fully trust it. But the overall results are positive, and the robot has already gained a certain mass base during this period.

After measuring and taking pictures of each car, the robot “Ray” will lift the car’s four wheels a few centimeters like a forklift and park it in the parking space.with high-bay warehousesautomationThe parking lot is different, and the ordinary parking lot can also be equipped with this kind of robot.

German airports introduce robots to help with parking but still not fully trusted

The robot “Ray” was developed by Serva Transport Systems in Upper Bavaria. Ropert Koch, Serva’s corporate head, said the risk of damage to cars in conventional car parks is high, and through the use of Ray, this risk is significantly reduced.

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