Five years of peers, embracing the opportunity of CIIE, and continuing to write a chapter in China through cooperation and innovation

A few days ago, at the Fifth China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”) where thousands of merchants gathered, Omron, a digital transformation expert in the global automation field, brought automation, Digital technology and solutions, as well as the firm commitment to the regional society in the long-term strategic plan “Shaping the Future 2030”, continue to write local cooperation and innovation stories with industry partners, and show the participants a panoramic view of their commitment to the next decade Achievement of long-term goals and grand vision.

Xu Jian, executive director of Omron Corporation and director and general manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd., said: “As a global economic and trade event created by the Chinese government, the CIIE provides an opportunity for Omron to continuously integrate into China’s new development pattern and embrace China’s vast market. An excellent mutual benefit platform. Since Omron participated in the CIIE for the first time in 2018, it has continued to use the strong “magnetic effect” of the CIIE to set up a stage in the CIIE and sing with the industry. For five years, we have always used our cutting-edge technology Displaying innovative products at the front not only enhanced communication with the market and partners, but also gained many opportunities for cooperation.”

This year, focusing on the theme of “inspiring future innovation through automation”, Omron brought the advanced achievements of the group’s four major business areas to the stage of CIIE. While attracting many audiences, it also welcomed dozens of groups of government and enterprise visiting groups “Door-to-door” inspection and negotiation; at the same time, at the Omron booth, a number of signings and cooperations were overwhelming. During the entire CIIE, the number of negotiations reached by Omron has more than doubled compared with 2021.

Five years of peers, embracing the opportunity of CIIE, and continuing to write a chapter in China through cooperation and innovation

Among the brilliant report cards negotiated and handed over at the Omron International Import Expo, the health and medical industry can be described as a “leading star”. China’s urgent need for chronic disease management allows Omron to see a broad opportunity to help build a chronic disease management system. At this year’s CIIE, Omron Health and Medical, together with Medtronic and Boston Scientific, signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation on building a heart disease screening and diagnosis and treatment system, and establishing a full-scenario service for potential patients with atrial fibrillation. Building a new ecology of health management; and in the process of promoting the continuous extension of high-quality medical re

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