@Everyone|The ITC infrared training course schedule has been updated, please check it!

The Year of the Rabbit has officially started

Filipino fans have to pick up their study plans too.

“If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come”

Only by improving one’s own ability can one seize the opportunity

Take your career to a higher level

Want to become an Advanced Infrared Thermographer

Thermal imaging analysts and technicians of various industries

Come sign up for FLIR ITC infrared training course

 @Everyone|The ITC infrared training course schedule has been updated, please check it!

ITC infrared training is the world’s largest provider of infrared technology training and international certification. It has training bases in more than 30 countries around the world, covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. It is the only company in the world that has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management standard certified training center.

At present, China mainly provides ITC infrared first-level training. The training instructor is Sun Yu (Neo), who has more than 6 years of technical training experience. Personalized training for building energy saving and other applications.

 @Everyone|The ITC infrared training course schedule has been updated, please check it!

A total of 7 courses are planned for 2023

All located in Shanghai

Courses for February are currently full

If you want to improve yourself, hurry up and sign up for the March course~

@Everyone|The ITC infrared training course schedule has been updated, please check it!

After completing the one-week ITC infrared training, you will be able to master the theoretical knowledge and practical operation of infrared thermal imaging, because in the training phase of the course, Neo teacher will lead you to perform various exercises, such as heat maps, sketches and Brief diagrams are enough for analysis, the theoretical part is explained in a descriptive way, etc.

@Everyone|The ITC infrared training course schedule has been updated, please check it!

Those who passed the exam after the training

Can obtain the internationally recognized ITC level 1 certificate

A friend who wants to become an all-round thermal imager

Hurry up and plan to sign up for ITC infrared training courses

 ways of registration

Telephone registration: 021-5169 7628 ext. 213, Ms. Hu

Email registration: [email protected]

WeChat registration: click to read the original text, you can directly sign up

If you still have questions about the training courses, please feel free to consult our professional tutors. You can directly send an email to [email protected] or call 021-5169 7628, ext. cell phone).

If you have additional infrared training needs

As long as the number of students reaches 15

and does not conflict with the established curriculum

We can arrange professional tutors to teach classes

Opportunity awaits those who are prepared

2023 wishing you money and rabbits like brocade pictures

Hurry up and click “Read the original text” to improve yourself~

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Teledyne FLIR, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, is an outstanding leader in intelligent sensing solutions for defense and Industrial applications, with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide. Founded in 1978, the company has focused on the design, development, production, marketing and promotion of specialized technologies for enhancing situational awareness. Helping professionals make better, faster decisions that save and improve lives through infrared thermal imaging, visible light imaging, video analytics, measurement and diagnostics, and advanced threat detection systems. For more information, please visit www.teledyneflir.com or follow the “Teledyneflir” WeChat official account.

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