Empower Schneider Electric with softness, efficiency and multi-dimensionality to reveal the new development trend of the logistics industry in the future

A few days ago, the 2022 Schneider Electric EAE application case white paper release and logistics technology seminar jointly organized by Schneider Electric and Asia International Logistics Exhibition was successfully concluded in Shanghai. Focusing on the theme of “multi-dimensional empowerment with softness and efficiency”, Schneider Electric gathered with more than a hundred industry experts, customers and partners to explore new trends in the development of the logistics industry, and released the white paper “EcoStruxure Open automation Platform Realizes Smart Warehousing Application Cases” , to inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the logistics industry with cutting-edge technological innovation and application practice.

Empower Schneider Electric with softness, efficiency and multi-dimensionality to reveal the new development trend of the logistics industry in the future

As the arterial system of the national economy, the logistics industry connects various sectors of the economy and makes it an organic whole. On the one hand, in the omni-channel scenario, the logistics industry is facing new forms of product customization and order fragmentation, and the vigorous development opportunities brought by production logistics, e-commerce, retail distribution, and parcel delivery; on the other hand, with the internet of Things, cloud The continuous development of computing and other information technologies has become a general consensus in the industry to improve the intelligence level of the logistics industry and maximize cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. As an important engine to promote the development of the manufacturing industry, the logistics industry urgently needs to build an efficient, low-energy, flexible, green, and safe logistics system to ensure efficient production, adapt to changes in the market environment, and shape core competitiveness.

Meng Qun, head of the logistics industry of Schneider Electric Industrial Automation China, said: “Schneider Electric has profound industry insight, complete software and hardware product portfolio, and strong innovation drive in the logistics industry. The life cycle solution supports customers to design, quickly deliver and operate high-efficiency, low-energy flexible logistics and digital systems, effectively promotes logistics companies to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and empowers the digital upgrading process of the industry.”

Empower Schneider Electric with softness, efficiency and multi-dimensionality to reveal the new development trend of the logistics industry in the future

Meng Qun, Head of Logistics Industry, Schneider Electric Industrial Automation China

Full life cycle solutions, multi-dimensional empowerment of smart logistics

At this seminar, Schneider Electric demonstrated logistics industry solutions covering the entire life cycle, covering from software and hardware products to service solutions, for equipment manufacturers, integrators, end users, independent implementation partners and agents in the logistics industry Providers provide all-round assistance:

  • Full life cycle empowerment from planning, design to implementation: from the project planning stage to the project design stage, and then to project commissioning and delivery empowerment in the project implementation stage, provide powerful and complete software and hardware products and services. The life cycle assists customers;
  • EcoStruxure open automation platform: The EcoStruxure architecture and platform cover a three-layer architecture of interconnected products, edge control and software, applications and digital services. Picking, logistics equipment centralized control and management, logistics system simulation and other scenarios; EcoStruxure open automation platform is based on the IEC 61499 standard, through the decoupling of software and hardware, breaking the limitations of the existing system, realizing flexible automation solutions, easy deployment and rapid transformation methods and The integration of deep application of algorithm technology, this year’s newly upgraded version V22.0 has further strengthened its sustainable development capability and business flexibility in the field of logistics;
  • Intelligent logistics system: Help customers build a flexible, easy-to-control, and environmentally-friendly intelligent logistics system, realize rapid adjustment and deployment of projects, centrally Display and comprehensively analyze system-wide data, and clarify energy consumption and carbon emissions, thereby improving energy efficiency management and enhancing industry openness and management Sexuality and sustainability;
  • EcoStruxure Machine Expert Digital Twin Software: As an expandable digital twin software solution, it supports customers to build models according to the real material flow and operation logic of the logistics system, realize remote debugging while simulating, and ensure the safety and efficiency of the logistics industry. According to their own business needs, customers can also edit, assemble, develop, and customize equipment and layout by themselves, shortening 60% of debugging time and 50% of time to market, and saving 20% ​​of quality costs based on tests carried out before and during debugging.

White paper on application cases to solve logistics operation challenges

As the highlight of this seminar, Schneider Electric, together with Shanghai Jiaotong University and Intel (China) Co., Ltd., released the white paper “EcoStruxure Open Automation Platform Realizes Smart Warehousing Application Cases”, introducing the application of the IEC 61499 standard and the latest industrial automation solutions Cases and technology components designed to enable integration across IT and OT systems to improve business operational efficiency and resilience.

Empower Schneider Electric with softness, efficiency and multi-dimensionality to reveal the new development trend of the logistics industry in the future

White Paper “EcoStruxure Open Automation Platform Realizes Intelligent Warehousing Application Cases”

Around the EcoStruxure Open Automation Platform and EcoStruxure Machine Expert digital twin software, the white paper points out three major advantages it provides to end users:

  • Software-centric automation: Schneider Electric makes full use of its own technological advantages to build digital assets based on its own technology platform, learn and prove its reliability and flexibility through real projects, and continue to polish and innovate in the process of practice , to create software that better meets user needs;
  • Virtual control: Through the collaboration of EcoStruxure open automation platform and EcoStruxure machine expert digital twin software, enterprises can use digital twin technology to make operation commissioning easier, realize remote commissioning through the replicated virtual environment, and reduce on-site working hours by 60% And avoid 70% of design risks;
  • Hardware diagnosis: With the help of the EcoStruxure open automation platform, R&D personnel can develop in an asset-centric manner, complete machine or application packaging, and maintenance engineers can follow the top-to-bottom diagnosis workflow to obtain better troubleshooting experience and reduce 20% of the total maintenance cost.

Take Schneider Electric Shanghai Smart Logistics Center as an example. It provides and distributes automation and industrial control products to thousands of customers across China. It needs to build a fully automatic sorting line that integrates automatic packaging, strapping and quality control (QC) functions. , to achieve high productivity and high efficiency. With the help of the EcoStruxure open automation platform, the speed of fault identification and troubleshooting in the logistics center has increased by four times, the error rate has been reduced by 45%, the delivery quality and inventory accuracy have increased to over 99.99%, and the efficiency has increased by 30%.

Under the development trend of intelligent manufacturing and digital upgrading, manufacturing enterprises have continuously increased requirements for flexibility and digital intelligence. Schneider Electric will help customers realize the whole process of logistics system from planning, design to implementation through software and hardware solutions and services covering the whole life cycle, continue to promote logistics enterprises to achieve the greatest degree of cost reduction and efficiency increase, and provide new opportunities for the future development of the industry. s answer”.

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