ELITE Robot builds a platform to gather 11 ecological partners to seek the future of system integration development

On September 22, ELITE Robotics invited 11 ecological partners to the Suzhou Operation Center to start a 4-hour live broadcast of “Gathering Ecology, Creating the Future” Robots and ecological partners.

ELITE Robot builds a platform to gather 11 ecological partners to seek the future of system integration development

“The Shanghai Industry Fair originally scheduled for the end of September has been postponed, which has had a great impact on many exhibitors including Elite. The plan prepared for the Industry Fair has received the support of many ecological partners, so we made a quick decision , move the exhibition online and invite partners to participate together.” Ren Yi, marketing director of Elite, said, “In 2022, although many companies are living in a difficult situation, we can still see the tenacity and vitality of the automation and robotics industry under pressure. .”

ELITE Robot builds a platform to gather 11 ecological partners to seek the future of system integration development

Ontology and ecological manufacturers, channels, and integrators are trying to open up the situation in various ways. Whether it is deploying overseas, or digging deep into local needs to increase R&D investment, all of them are the accumulation and exploration of enterprises in difficult times.The application of collaborative robots has distinctive non-standard features. In addition to familiar auto parts, 3C electronics, metal processing, logistics packaging and other scenarios, it has continued to pave the way in vertical fields such as new retail, new energy, life sciences and medical care in recent years. There is even a combinationAIThe differentiated and conceptual definitions made by artificial intelligence and metaverse concepts.

ELITE Robot builds a platform to gather 11 ecological partners to seek the future of system integration development

The deeper we go into the market, we find that it is not a certain manufacturer that supports a technology from advanced to mature, and then to popularization, but the ecology and Industrial clusters. Therefore, in the long run, Elite must take advantage of the platform when focusing on collaborative robot products. It is even more important to create value for the platform. In this online ecological conference, Elite’s role is to set up a platform for partners to show, so that audience friends can gain valuable experience in using robots for their factories and production from multiple dimensions, and inspire them to make faster and more correct decisions in the future. choose.

In recent years, Elite Robot has been committed to providing users with an ecosystem of third-party end-effector solutions and other add-ons based on the collaborative robot platform. The so-called specialization in the technology industry, the responsibility of the collaborative robot body manufacturer is to continuously improve the product strength and polish the stability and openness of the robot body; and many ecological partners are familiar with the advantages and characteristics of Elite products through actual project requirements, Focus on combining their best terminal and sensor technologies with collaborative robots to create more competitive and easy-to-use scenario solutions, and finally gain support and promotion by benefiting customers. All of this is inseparable from the “platform trend of collaborative robots” that Elite has always emphasized.

When some other ontology manufacturers choose to manufacture end effectors, mobile cars or sensors by themselves, Elite chooses a business model through ecosystem collaboration for many reasons:

1. Elite believes that no one can become an expert in all fields, and it is impossible for a body manufacturer to do everything. Every sub-category and vertical market has relatively more competitive brands and models. The industry has become more efficient and more active because of the refined style.

2. Elite believes that the ecosystem created together with partners will benefit customers in more diverse and flexible ways, including giving users more and wider choices, and clearing away obstacles in the integration process for users as much as possible, Provide relatively standardized solutions. It is undeniable that collaborative robots are aimed at: the market has stronger non-standard attributes than traditional Industrial Robot scenarios for large-scale applications, so it is difficult to kill all needs through “one trick”.

ELITE Robot builds a platform to gather 11 ecological partners to seek the future of system integration development

Even for the most common pick-and-place applications, users still have their own preferences for the choice of fixtures or what kind of vision sensor to equip. Just like customers have the right to choose different types and brands of Robotic arms, they also hope to have a lot of solution combinations to choose from. Therefore, instead of sticking to the rules, it is better to be open and win-win. Elite chooses the collaborative robot body as a platform carrier, and welcomes all ecological partners to form ecological collaboration in an open and diverse form of cooperation.

ELITE Robot builds a platform to gather 11 ecological partners to seek the future of system integration development

3. Elite’s collaborative robot ecosystem will help Elite’s ecological partners expand their markets and sales, and stimulate each other’s creativity. In recent years, collaborative robots have maintained a high growth rate. According to GGII data, the sales volume of collaborative robots in China in 2016 was 2,300 units, with a market size of 360 million yuan. By 2022, the sales volume of collaborative robots in China has reached 9,900 units, with a market size of 1.153 billion yuan. From 2015 to 2020, the average annual compound growth rate of sales and market size of collaborative robots is 55.18% and 42.53%, respectively. It is estimated that the sales volume of China’s collaborative robots is expected to exceed 17,800 units in 2021, and is expected to exceed 60,000 units by 2025, with a market size of 4.5 billion yuan.

Affected by the favorable environment, ELITE has basically doubled its sales every year since 2019, and its cooperation with ecological partners has become closer. For example, since 2019, as the industry’s first collaborative robot body manufacturer to promote composite robot system solutions, it has interacted and cooperated with a number of vision and AMR chassis manufacturers based on projects, and gradually iterated the one-stop solution for composite robots.

For example, since 2021, Elite has cooperated deeply with well-known domestic drug research and development innovation automation laboratories to help automate and standardize solutions in the field of life sciences, and provide end users with tailor-made large-scale collaborative robot applications through collaboration with ecological partners. Provide cutting-edge experience from the manufacturing industry for the continuous iterative drug development of high-quality data combined with AI models.

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop and produce an influential and market-recognized collaborative robotic arm, and Elite believes that he has the ability and patience to do better in this regard. At the same time, designing and producing standard end effectors, force control, and vision sensors is not the goal we want to pursue.

End effectors, for example, are industry- and application-specific, and the companies that manufacture them need to have a high degree of expertise in knowing exactly how their products are used and must function. In these fields, our partners OnRobot, SMC, Gimatic, Zimmer, Schunk, Dahuan and other companies have proven themselves. Similarly, there is no shortage of vertical field experts such as SOLOMON, Sensopart, Mecamand, and Migration Technology in the field of vision.

Stand Robotics, which was invited to participate in the event, is one of the first batch of small car manufacturers in China to collaborate with ELITE to develop composite robot applications. Through its professionalism, it empowers the development of innovative scenarios. After Ewellix upgraded its brand name from SKF, it has more active interactions with domestic manufacturers, and has accurately locked the market demand for palletizing and handling scenarios under the trend of large-scale collaborative robots. Based on the experience of these actual cases, Elite determined that it is natural to promote cooperation between end users and terminal actuators, ecological software and hardware partners, and robot body manufacturers, and it is also a necessary homework under the trend of platformization.

Elite also expects more partners to join the ranks. Ultimately, the goal of each manufacturer is to provide end users with efficient, reliable, safe and convenient products. Elite expresses confidence that while insisting on quality assurance, it will continue to reduce direct procurement costs and various indirect costs and create a larger market!

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