Dongguan’s industrial robot output increased by 26.4% in the first quarter

“In the first quarter of this year, the whole city of DongguanIndustrial robotProduction increased by 26.4% year-on-year. “Recently, the 8th Guangdong InternationalrobotAnd at the press conference of the Intelligent Equipment Expo, Xiao Biliang, director of the Dongguan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, used data to express the strong development momentum of Industrial Robots in Dongguan.

According to reports, the development of industrial robots in Dongguan has been good in recent years. According to statistics, as of the end of 2022, there are 4,689 robot manufacturing companies in Dongguan, of which 116 have a registered capital of more than 50 million robotThe total output is 1.5939 million sets.

Only the Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base has incubated more than 60 companies since its establishment in 2014. The survival rate of the incubated teams is as high as 80%. The cumulative valuation of leading companies has reached 80 billion yuan, of which 15% are companies It has grown into a unicorn/quasi-unicorn enterprise.

Dongguan is in the controller, reducer,machine visionIt has formed a relatively complete industrial chain and has become one of the most important robot industry bases in the country. Dongguan enterprises in some fields have hit the domestic leading level. For example, in the field of machine vision, Dongguan has gathered more than 100 related enterprises, among which There are nearly 21 enterprises with a revenue of more than 5 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/10 of the related industries in the country. A large number of high-quality leading enterprises such as listed companies Opto and Samson have emerged.

With the support of national policies and the promotion of domestic and foreign market demand, the overall scale of the high-end equipment industry continues to expand. In 2022, the output value of my country’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry will reach 21.33 trillion yuan, and it is expected to be close to 40 trillion yuan in 2024, with a super large market scale. .

Relevant data show that Dongguan’s equipment industry has a total of 3,859 designated industrial enterprises. In 2022, the output value will exceed the 500 billion mark, and the added value of the designated industrial industry will be nearly 120 billion yuan. Since the beginning of the year, Dongguan’s equipment industry has maintained a good development trend, with a single-month growth of 9.6% in March, and both the equipment manufacturing industry and the automobile manufacturing industry have maintained double-digit growth.

Last year, Dongguan issued the “Dongguan City Development of High-end Equipment Manufacturing Strategic Pillar Industry Cluster Action Plan”, proposing that by 2025, Dongguan should be built into an important base for high-end equipment manufacturing such as CNC machine tools, laser and additive manufacturing, and robots in the province.At the same time, six major development projects are defined, including high-end CNC machine tool engineering, new energy equipment engineering, intelligent robot engineering, laser and additive manufacturing engineering, high-endthe medicalEquipment engineering, semiconductor and integrated circuit equipment engineering.

Today, the equipment industry is the second largest strategic pillar industry in Dongguan after electronic information. Under the guidance of policies, it will become another trillion-dollar industry in the future.

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