Domestic industrial robots: “Everything is ready, only owes Dongfeng”

Industrial Robots are a strategic emerging industry that is clearly developed in my country’s manufacturing power strategy, and its development level is an important symbol of the country’s innovation capability and industrial development level. In recent years, with the in-depth implementation of my country’s industrial transformation and upgrading, in order to further enhance the position of the country’s manufacturing industry in global competition, my country has vigorously promoted the application of intelligent manufacturing equipment in traditional manufacturing industries. Labor costs, production costs of traditional manufacturing, and improving product quality and performance. As the most widely used intelligent manufacturing equipment in the production process of traditional manufacturing, industrial robots have maintained a continuous and stable growth trend in the market scale driven by the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the national manufacturing industry. Since 2013, my country has been the world’s largest consumer of industrial robots for five consecutive years.

Domestic industrial robots: “Everything is ready, only owes Dongfeng”
Domestic industrial robots

The development of domestic industrial robots has “everything ready”

The industrial policy system is perfect. In order to promote breakthroughs in my country’s robotics-related technologies and expand the competitive advantages of domestic robotics companies in the international market, my country has included industrial robots in the direction of future key development from the national strategic level, and has continuously released the “Robot Industry Development Plan ( 2016-2020)”, “Industrial robot Industry Standard Conditions”, “National Robot Standard System Construction Guide” and other industrial policies have provided sufficient guarantee for the rapid development of my country’s industrial Robot Industry, and promoted the technological progress and industrial upgrading of my country’s Industrial Robot field.

The industrial chain layout is complete. With the strong support of governments at all levels, my country’s industrial robots have developed rapidly and have formed a complete industrial chain layout. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 60 professional robot parks in my country, covering various aspects such as robot body manufacturing, system integration, and core components. It has become the third in the world after Japan and South Korea. countries with independent production capacity.

The market size is expanding year by year. Thanks to the strong support of policies and the surge in market demand brought about by the accelerated transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, my country’s industrial robots maintained a rapid growth trend in 2018. The sales volume of industrial robots exceeded 140,000 units, and the market size occupied the global market. One-third of the market share, with sales reaching US$6.23 billion, continuing to hold the No. 1 market position in the world.

Breakthroughs in core technologies are accelerated. The control of core components by people is the core factor restricting the development of industrial robots in my country for a long time. However, with the accelerated layout of major domestic manufacturers, my country has achieved different degrees of technological breakthroughs in the fields of core components such as controllers, servo motors, and reducers. Among them, the technical gap between controllers and foreign-funded enterprises is the smallest. Domestic manufacturers represented by Huazhong CNC and Shenyang Xinsong have achieved breakthroughs in hardware manufacturing, and some of their products have approached the international advanced level. Thanks to the accelerated layout of domestic enterprises such as Estun, Guangzhou CNC, Inovance Technology, etc., servo motors have made great progress in technology research and development, and formed a certain independent supporting ability. At present, my country has more than 20 brand enterprises with large-scale independent production capacity of servo motors. Reducers are the core components of robots with the highest technical barriers. At present, my country’s reducer companies are mainly concentrated in the field of harmonic reducers. Benefiting from the patents of related companies that master core technologies such as Hamernaco, Nabotsk, and Sumitomo Heavy Machinery Due to the expiration, its technical restrictions have been relaxed. Therefore, domestic manufacturers such as Green Harmonic and Shuanghuan Drive have made significant breakthroughs in harmonic reducers based on the existing theoretical research of foreign companies. The basic process and structure of the RV reducer with higher precision are more complex, and the accumulation and precipitation at the process level are required, which is the difficulty for my country’s reducer to break through. At present, manufacturers such as Zhongdali De and Nantong Zhenkang are improving their technological level by purchasing advanced machine tool equipment and testing equipment. After several years of exploration and precipitation, they have initially developed and completed trial products, and the RV reducer technology is gradually becoming mature.

Strong capital support. Since 2015, my country’s robot investment and financing has entered the fast lane. According to incomplete statistics, the number of investment and financing in my country’s robot field exceeded 100 in 2017. In 2018, robot investment and financing was still hot. In the first half of 2018, the number of investment and financing reached 63 times. The amount is about 12 billion yuan.

At the same time, in November 2018, my country officially established that it will set up a science and technology innovation board on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and pilot a registration system to guide the capital market to increase its support for high-tech enterprises with core technologies and high market share and strategic emerging industries. As a typical representative of “hard technology”, robots have not yet achieved large-scale profits at this stage, and few companies meet the requirements for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, but there are a large number of “unicorn” companies with high market value and high R&D investment in the field. It is completely in line with the support direction of the Science and Technology Innovation Board, so the establishment of the Science and Technology Innovation Board provides new opportunities for robot companies to connect with the capital market.

The development of domestic industrial robots “only owes Dongfeng”

On the whole, the development of industrial robots has a foundation, resources, and a market, and it only lacks actual combat. At present, my country’s industrial robot manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the field of system integration, and their products are mainly low-end products such as handling robots, palletizing robots, and sorting robots. In high-end fields such as collaborative robots, there is still a big gap with mainstream international manufacturers such as ABB, FANUC, and Yaskawa Electric, resulting in insufficient market-oriented competition between domestic manufacturers and foreign manufacturers in the domestic market. Although my country has developed into the world’s largest industrial robot application market, from the perspective of market share, the share of domestic industrial robots is still low. However, there will be no direct competition between the high-end market and the low-end market. In recent years, with the implementation of major projects such as my country’s industrial strong foundation, domestic industrial robots in the low-end and mid-end fields already have the conditions for mature applications, especially in In some traditional industrial fields, enterprises have relatively low requirements on the performance and accuracy of industrial robots, and domestic robots can fully meet the needs of enterprises. Therefore, domestic enterprises should accept domestic industrial robot products with a more positive and inclusive attitude, help the accumulation of domestic industrial robot manufacturing technology in the actual application, and allow domestic industrial robots to penetrate from the low-end to the high-end field, and finally achieve “curve overtaking” “provide opportunity.

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