Domestic chip giants focus on increasing ecological integration

At the end of 2019, the two domestic chip giants Feiteng and Godson have successively organized large-scale annual meetings.

At the two thousand-person conferences held by Loongson with the theme of “New Era, Core Ecology” and Feiteng’s two thousand-person conferences with the theme of “Building Ecology with One Heart and Soaring Forward Together”, the guests agreed that the CPU is the foundation of the Industrial ecology , we must solve the problem that core technologies such as chips are controlled by people. At the same time, the construction innovation of industrial ecology and the debut of new products of partners have become the highlights and key words of the two conferences.

Godson: Adhere to the goal of “establishing an independent IT industry ecology”

On December 24, 2019, Loongson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd. released Loongson’s new generation of general-purpose CPU products 3A4000/3B4000. On the same day, at the 2019 Loongson New Product Release and User Conference with the theme of “New Era, Core Ecology”, more than 4,000 people, including Loongson partners, experts, scholars and leaders of competent departments, witnessed the release of Loongson’s new products.

Hu Weiwu, chairman of Loongson Zhongke Technology Co., Ltd., said that through “trial and error” in the market, the Loongson team realized that the main gap between my country’s CPUs and foreign CPUs lies in general-purpose processing performance, not dedicated processing performance; it lies in the lack of single-core performance. , not that the number of cores is not enough; it is that the design capability is insufficient, not that the process is not advanced enough. Therefore, Loongson Zhongke has been committed to improving the general-purpose processing performance of a single core by optimizing the design, until the 3A4000 completes the “make-up lesson” of design capabilities. On this basis, Loongson will launch the quad-core 3A5000 and 16-core 3C5000 using the 12nm process in about two years. Its main frequency will be increased to above 2.5GHz, and the general processing performance will reach the level of AMD at that time. 20 years of hard work, the general processing performance has reached the world’s advanced level.

Godson Zhongke’s internal report stated that the company set up the goal of “establishing an independent IT industry ecology” and worked hard for it. The IT industry is an industry where “solutions are king”. The value of CPU lies in its carrying ecology. Building an independent ecology based on CPU is in line with the laws of industrial development, and also creates a broad development space for Godson.

Hu Weiwu pointed out that the fundamental way out for my country’s information industry lies in the establishment of a third ecosystem independent of Wintel and ARM+Android systems. To this end, Loongson provides an open

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