Digital talents: install “smart brains” for resumption of work and production

Digital talents: install “smart brains” for resumption of work and production
Hubei crayfish has become an “explosive product” in online shopping.Profile picture
Digital talents: install “smart brains” for resumption of work and production
The Zhejiang Hangzhou Asian Games venue project has resumed work in an all-round way.Xinhua News Agency
Digital talents: install “smart brains” for resumption of work and production
“Chinese female workers” on the cloud production line.Profile picture
Digital talents: install “smart brains” for resumption of work and production
An unmanned delivery vehicle is delivering goods in Zhongguancun, Beijing.Xinhua News Agency
Digital talents: install “smart brains” for resumption of work and production
On March 20, Inspur Group employees tested the video interview system.Xinhua News Agency

The spring river is warm and all things flourish. From 0:00 on April 8, Wuhan’s economic and social activities have pressed the “restart button”. Across the country, the resumption of work and production in all walks of life is already in full swing.

In the process of social and economic gears gradually returning to normal rotation, my country’s digital talents are in full play: health code travel, telecommuting, cloud recruitment, smart logistics, smart manufacturing… Set up a fast track for the resumption of work and production in all walks of life, and for the resumption of work The orderly promotion of resumption of production and the installation of “smart brains” have run out of the acceleration of the integration and development of talents and industries.

Talent support behind the “cloud production line”

In the past two months, female worker Yin Mei has been sewing protective clothing from eight to ten every day, and the production workshop is the living room of her home.

In early February, the factory where Yin Mei worked received an urgent order to export protective clothing. The factory owner Zhang Xiaobin made an “amazing” decision to “disassemble the production line into pieces”, package them from Quanzhou, Fujian, and send them to more than ten provinces including Anhui, Jiangxi, and Sichuan, and urgently assembled a “cloud production line” to let Female workers are returning to work from home.

In fact, it was a Henan protective clothing company that received the urgent order for 20,000 pieces of protective clothing, but its production capacity was insufficient, so the task was distributed on Alibaba’s domestic trade wholesale platform 1688. In the past two months, on the 1688 cloud supply chain factory platform, there have been an average of tens of thousands of factories sharing production capacity online every day.

Since the reform and opening up, Chinese enterprises have gone abroad and deeply participated in the orbit of the world economy. The outbreak of the epidemic has exposed the reality that small and medium-sized enterprises have weak anti-risk capabilities, and made Chinese suppliers realize the importance of online business and global layout.

“Digital marketing and digital transformation are the keys to coping with the production and sales dilemma under the epidemic.” Hu Chen, head of public relations at 1688, introduced that in order to solve this pain point, during the Spring Festival, Alibaba’s digital technology team urgently assembled, from digital operations, financial burden reduction, We have made great efforts to match business opportunities and other aspects, making every effort to help millions of small and medium-sized enterprises on the platform to tide over the difficulties.

Earlier, in the face of the impact of the epidemic, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 20 measures to help small and medium-sized enterprises resume work and production, including supporting the digital transformation of enterprises and improving the level of intelligent manufacturing. Not long ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology made another move and released the “Special Action Plan for Digital Empowerment of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” to continuously empower small and medium-sized enterprises with digital network intelligence, and help small and medium-sized enterprises in epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, and sustainable development.

Under the macro guidance of top-level policies, all localities are actively cultivating “digital soil”, promoting online office, video conferencing, remote collaboration and digital management that are more suitable for epidemic prevention and control, while targeting “new infrastructure” and accelerating 5G and Industrial internet applications, etc. Layout, use digitalization to help resume work and production, and restore “horsepower” for economic development. The online supply chain built by the 1688 platform has become a digital “new infrastructure”, paving the way for small and medium-sized enterprises to resume work and production, and promote the continuous consolidation of China’s economic recovery.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of March 28, the national average operating rate of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 98.6%, and the resumption rate of small and medium-sized enterprises reached 76%. The resumption of work and production by Chinese companies has injected surging Chinese momentum into the global economic recovery.

Health code has become a reassurance for resumption of work and production

From March 30, Taiwan compatriots can use the “Suikang” applet for real-name authentication to generate a “Suikang code” to achieve convenience in work, life, and travel in Guangdong Province.

Today, the health codes used by residents of more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are all developed by the government cloud team of Tencent. This health code is called “Suikang Code” in Guangzhou, “Sheni You” in Shenzhen, and “Healthy” in Beijing. Bao”, called “Yukangbao” in Chongqing… A small health code has opened up information from different channels, and provided digital support services for epidemic prevention and control and orderly resumption of work and production. It is becoming the resumption of work for hundreds of millions of Chinese people. Reproduction “passport”.

“After the Wuhan city closure information was released, we realized that the flow of people requires identification and trajectory tracking.” Wang Jingtian, vice president of Tencent’s government cloud, introduced that although the team’s small partners are young, they have shown considerable responsibility and responsibility. During the Spring Festival The holiday began to work around the clock, and it took only 5 days to successfully launch the “Sui Kang” WeChat applet.

From January 31st, Guangzhou citizens can make an appointment to buy masks through the “Suikang” applet at 8 p.m. every day. “I stayed with the technical team all night, for fear that the traffic would crash due to too many hits.” Wang Jingtian said that Guangzhou has a resident population of more than 15 million. That night, “Suikang” received 170 million hits. “Although we rely on It is the entrance of WeChat, but it is also a huge challenge to withstand so many clicks.”

“Our team of digital talents is very strong and has withstood the extraordinary test.” Wang Jingtian said that under normal circumstances, technicians can only launch a small program a month, but during the epidemic, customers can’t wait to use it the next day after they put forward their needs. In addition, additional requirements are constantly being put forward, which requires continuous iteration of the software. When the most intense, almost one version is developed every day, and the workload is very heavy.

In order to support the resumption of work and production, Tencent’s digital talent team has been fully active and has used eighteen martial arts. The Tencent Conference they launched, during the epidemic period, opened the meeting function for 300 people for free and unlimited time to users across the country; Tencent Document opened the membership function for free during the epidemic period, and provided multiple sets of office templates, which greatly improved work efficiency; Tencent Lexiang, TAPD Tencent Agile collaboration platform, Tencent worker bee, Tencent cloud disk and other products have launched corresponding free services during the epidemic to support telecommuting in all walks of life. In addition, Tencent Cloud launched an anti-epidemic assistance plan for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing free cloud resources and collaborative office products for more than 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises; Tencent’s SaaS “Thousand Sails Plan” announced the launch of a corporate anti-epidemic toolkit to integrate internal and external partner products , to help enterprises cope with the challenges during the epidemic and accelerate their digital transformation.

Misfortune is where the blessing rests. “The epidemic is a special exam and an unprecedented opportunity.” Wang Jingtian said, “The epidemic has forced various industries in various places to accelerate their acceptance of digital transformation and begin to learn to think from a digital perspective. In the future, can we further promote the connection between the Internet and industry? The combination is a historical mission, and it may determine China’s future position in the international landscape.”

“New Infrastructure” Helps Farmers Turn Crisis into Opportunity

On March 2, when the epidemic situation was still severe, Zigui County, Hubei Province sent the first batch of more than 80,000 catties of unsalable navel oranges to the whole country through the digital supply chain urgently built by Alibaba.

It is difficult to help farmers under the epidemic, especially in Hubei. “In response to the difficulty of logistics in areas with severe epidemics, Alibaba’s Cainiao Supply Chain, in conjunction with its logistics partners, has created a special green channel for Zigui to travel out of the province,” said Wang Gang, a senior public relations expert from Alibaba’s Digital Agriculture Department.

“Being good at grasping opportunities can turn crises into opportunities and open a new window for promoting the development of agricultural economy.” Wang Gang said. On February 6, Alibaba released the “Agricultural Aid Program”, led by “Academician of Citrus” Deng Xiuxin and “Academician of Peanut” Zhang Xinyou, and joined hands with 30 first-class experts in China’s agricultural field to help farmers who were trapped by the epidemic to tide over the difficulties .

With the steady progress of resumption of work and production across the country, the importance of digital technology has become increasingly prominent. From the resumption of work and classes on Dingdingyun, the delivery of agricultural products on Taobao live broadcast, and the global digital supply chain… Alibaba’s digital talent team continues to provide new support channels for the resumption of work and production, making “new infrastructure” a new production capacity.

How to make “new infrastructure” serve the agricultural industry is the focus and difficulty. In recent years, Alibaba has taken the lead in building a new type of agricultural infrastructure with the digitalization of the entire industry chain through the implementation of the “One Thousand Dollars per Mu Plan”. Alibaba Cloud’s Agricultural Brain, Ant Financial’s Inclusive Finance, Cainiao Rural Logistics, and Taobao Live Delivery and other “plug-and-play” digital operation solutions not only effectively solve the current epidemic situation, but also promote the digital transformation of agriculture in various places.

On April 1, the turnover of Hubei crayfish on Taobao and Tmall increased by 339% year-on-year, and Alibaba’s Hema and digital agriculture divisions purchased an additional 1 billion yuan. Taobao has set a goal: to sell 1.2 million tons of agricultural products from 50 characteristic origins in Hubei Province in 2020, and to create a number of county-level characteristic agricultural product brands.

“When the crayfish is sold, the profits and digital capabilities are left to farmers; it is necessary to seize time and win the future.” Wang Gang emphasized, “Our ultimate goal is not to be an e-commerce of agricultural products, but to realize the digitalization of agriculture.”

Contribute youth power to modern governance

“Only by seizing the development opportunities brought by digitalization and informatization transformation can enterprises improve their strength and level in fighting risks and participating in market competition.” said Pang Songtao, vice president of Inspur Group.

“Computational power can be turned into services, and only then can we make practical contributions to the society.” Pang Songtao said that while promoting the resumption of production and work, Inspur Group has also launched a number of measures to help all walks of life fight the epidemic and resume work quickly and efficiently. On January 30, Inspur announced that it would open remote video communication services, HCM Cloud, “Cloud+” and other remote collaborative office services for free, and then quickly launched the “Cloud+” war epidemic version to help enterprises resume work safely and quickly.

All-round development of digital means, talent is the first guarantee. “More than 50% of Inspur’s more than 30,000 employees are technical R&D personnel, and they are all very young.” Pang Songtao said, “More than 75% of the ‘Cloud+’ team are post-90s. These young people are energetic and capable Struggle has created the acceleration of resumption of work and production with ‘hard core’ strength.”

Under the impact of the epidemic, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are facing financing difficulties when they resume work and production. In response to this demand, the technical team of Inspur launched the digital financial product “Yidaitong”, which provides convenient financing services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the “101” mode (i.e. 1 minute application, 0 manual intervention, and 1 second arrival).

In addition, the Inspur cloud accounting team also provides free “ticket, finance, taxation and silver” software services for 100,000 small and micro enterprises, accelerating business cloud migration, and helping enterprises to win a comprehensive victory in resumption of work and production.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, the handling of a large number of government affairs has shifted from offline to online. After the epidemic, how to further consolidate the value of the smart office platform is becoming the common expectation of the whole society. “Inspur has the foundation to serve the government. In the future, it will further focus on its role in smart government affairs, so that the whole society can fully enjoy the dividends of technological progress.” The accelerated transformation and upgrading of the economy and the modernization of the governance system and governance capacity may play a role in making a difference.”

Linked by clouds and connected by networks, a mobile China is full of spring and vitality.

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