Create an industrial ecological domestic chip and take a key step in independent innovation

Small chips are the foundation of the information society and are related to national security and economic development. Because of this, the development of the domestic chip industry has always attracted much attention. In recent years, my country’s chip technology has made great progress. More and more people in the industry realize that the development of chips is not just simple design and manufacturing, but more importantly, the whole industry ecology including hardware, software, applications, etc. Chain building.

Recently, Tianjin Feiteng held a forum in Beijing with the theme of “Building an Ecosystem with One Heart, and Prospering Together”. More than 500 well-known corporate ecological partners including Tencent, Baidu, ZTE, Lenovo, Inspur, etc. made a collective appearance. More than 2,500 academicians, experts, leaders of competent departments, industry associations, industry users, software and hardware manufacturers, system integrators, and financial institutions gathered together to discuss how to build a good Industrial ecology and promote the development of my country’s informatization.

To build a safe and controllable information technology system, it is necessary to fundamentally solve the problem of industrial ecology.

Shen Changxiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said at the main forum of the conference that our chips are innovative and have advantages, and we hope to form a safe and reliable ecological environment and promote the rapid formation of our network security system. He emphasized that safeguarding the security of cyberspace infrastructure is a major issue related to social peace, economic development and national sovereignty. Safety is the guarantee and the premise for the development of intelligent manufacturing and the construction of modern industrial cities and smart cities. Faced with the increasingly severe international cyberspace situation, we must base ourselves on our national conditions, be driven by innovation, and solve problems that are controlled by others.

At a time when new technologies and new achievements are constantly emerging, how to speed up the optimization and upgrading of domestic processors and the construction of ecosystems, and how to coordinately promote the transformation and upgrading of the national information industry? How to strengthen the sharing of innovative achievements based on domestic processor platforms and speed up the process of win-win cooperation with ecological partners? All parties are looking for answers.

Dou Qiang, general manager of Tianjin Feiteng, believes that it should focus on national strategic needs, focus on market demand traction, and feature customization in key industries, and integrate with big data, cloud computing, edge computing, network security, artificial intelligence, blockchain, industrial control. , the internet of Things and other fields of strong alliance is a correct development direction. In this process, we insist on independent innovation, accelerate the construction of an industrial ecology, proactively serve and guarantee customers, and build an industrial ecology that is modern, safe and open.

In the opinion of experts, the construction of industrial ecology should first keep pace with the times – when big data and cloud computing are applied to different industries, chips must go to the cloud; when AI technology becomes more and more popular, embracing artificial intelligence is a chip The choice that the industry must make; when blockchain technology is widely used in finance, logistics and other industries, the combination with blockchain technology is a new topic…

In October this year, Feiteng took the lead in publishing a “White Paper on Full-Stack Solutions Based on the Feiteng Platform from End to Cloud”, emphasizing that from end to cloud, various devices, software and their deployment applications constitute a cycle similar to that of nature. , self-growth ecosystem. The white paper proposes that: as the underlying chip of this full-stack system, it must adhere to the development concept of “opening and combining industrial ecology” and provide core computing power support for various terminals, servers, networks, storage and security equipment.

Ouyang Jian, general manager of Baidu Kunlun Chip, said that Baidu is carrying out in-depth cooperation with Feiteng. This organic combination will form a set of AI computing architecture with complete information innovation and industry-leading performance, enabling AI computing to achieve a new take-off.

He Ruan, chief architect of Tencent, also said that in the process of Tencent moving from the personal market to the enterprise market, ecology is an unavoidable topic. Therefore, Tencent is stepping up the adaptation work based on domestic chips, and has achieved certain results. He Ruan introduced that Tencent is building its own private cloud ecosystem based on the entire Feiteng system. At present, Tencent’s cloud platform, container platform, government WeChat, and security systems have all been successfully migrated to Feiteng system, and the migration of databases and big data suites will be completed early next year.

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