COWAROBOT releases low-speed unmanned technology platform, first robot suitcase unveiled

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: On April 23, COWAROBOT officially released the independently developed “low-speed unmanned driving technology platform” at Shanghai Jiaotong University, and simultaneously launched the first application product based on the platform——RobotLuggage R1. Since its launch on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, the R1 robot suitcase has always been concerned and loved by black technology enthusiasts and the media. This robot suitcase full of black technology is equipped with 3-line radar, machine vision, and UWB technology. Self-driving capabilities in an open environment. At present, R1 has entered the mass production stage, and will start accepting spot orders at the end of June.

Dr. He Tao, founder and CEO of COWAROBOT, said: “The purpose of releasing the low-speed unmanned driving platform is very clear, which is to expand the application of low-speed unmanned driving technology to the field of various types of intelligent mobile service Robots, so that robots can be used by people in The service products that can be enjoyed in daily life allow people to fully enjoy the convenience brought by robotics and driverless technology to life.” The release of this strategy marks the development of low-speed driverless and artificial intelligence mobility as the mainstay. COWAROBOT, the core technology, is accelerating its pace into the commercial and consumer consumer goods market.

From technological innovation to overcoming numerous barriers to realizing a “low-speed unmanned platform”, this is bound to be a challenging and difficult process. During the construction of the COWAROBOT low-speed unmanned driving technology platform, Dr. He Tao led the technical and market teams to repeatedly modify and optimize, and finally developed a modular design method that integrates radio frequency tracking and positioning, laser ranging, obstacle avoidance and navigation. Core technologies such as technology and artificial intelligence at the strategic level can be flexibly applied to different scenarios to meet the needs of users and create distinctive products and solutions.

The COWAROBOT robot suitcase R1 breaks the visual limitations of the shape, and uses a dynamic design language to give a new interpretation of the traditional suitcase. Object functional objects. The design of the robot suitcase R1 does not start from the appearance pattern, but is defined from the perspective of the user from the perspective of the future. The technological innovation of the robot suitcase R1 lies in-the combination of radio frequency tracking and positioning technology, laser Obstacle avoidance and navigation technology, and artificial intelligence technology at the strategic level are modularized and integrated into the drawbar and base in a minimal manner, so that the 20-inch luggage has the functions of automatic follow-up and autonomous obstacle avoidance. Not only that, users also It can switch between automatic follow mode and manual mode, and truly experience the freedom of movement of “freeing your hands”, bringing unique fun to travel.

In addition, the R1’s unique three-in-one smart lock, GPS positioning, distance sensing alarm, and detachable mobile charging are designed with multiple innovative functions, all from the user’s point of view, capturing the pain points of security inspection, loss, and mobile charging during travel. The dreamy yet warm interpretation of black technology products.

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