“Building” wisdom for life, the enabler behind quality real estate

As digitalization has become a new engine for economic development, real estate companies are also facing new opportunities and challenges. What is the “core competitiveness” of a real estate project? Where will the future home scene go? As an enabler of real estate digital transformation, Schneider Electric and Sino-Ocean Group work together to help Sino-Ocean Guanghua City project build a “future city” that integrates green health, smart living, and space aesthetics.

01Smart Home System

Leading the era of high-quality living

Due to home factors and economic influences, more and more new-generation consumer groups have begun to pay attention to healthy and smart lifestyles and high-quality living experience. For the real estate industry, which has entered a period of deep adjustment, after the “high turnover” model has become a thing of the past, the importance of product power has become more and more prominent.

In order to create a “good product” in the real estate industry, not only many cities have put forward the requirements of “competitive quality” and “high standard” since the beginning of the auction, but many companies are also grasping the grasp of technology at the moment to improve the product power to satisfy consumers. Intensive favorable policies have become a catalyst for accelerating the technologicalization of real estate enterprises. When technology is increasingly becoming the main driving force for the transformation and upgrading of real estate companies, the introduction of smart home systems will be the key to a healthy building system on the road to realizing healthy and harmonious smart living.

02Yueyuan series is trustworthy

Unlock people-oriented smart life

The Sino-Ocean Guanghua City project located in Langfang is positioned to be healthy and comfortable. In order to achieve the high-quality life in the minds of the owners, it is necessary to consider the functionality, comfort, convenience, aesthetics, and even spiritual value of the product. As a smart home solution provider, Shijia provides Wiser smart home wireless series and KNX wired solutions for the project, which can meet the diverse consumption needs of different residents at all levels.

“Building” wisdom for life, the enabler behind quality real estate

As the entry-level product of Schneider Electric’s wireless smart home, Yueyuan series products inherit the excellent design and superb quality unique to Shijia products, and the friendly control method allows owners to directly cross the “threshold” of smart home acceptance. At the same time, Wiser’s smart home solution covers four application scenarios of lighting scenarios, comfortable environment, safety and security, and energy monitoring. It realizes upward and downward integrated connection with an open and compatible ecology, and assists the orderly series connection of various home life scene modules. , giving a “smart” living experience.

“Building” wisdom for life, the enabler behind quality real estate

In addition, through the cloud connection with Sino-Ocean property management platform, Wiser smart home system can help Sino-Ocean Guanghua City provide comfortable and convenient smart property services for every family.

03Integration of quality and green

A mutual achievement with an old friend

From the supply of basic electrical components to today’s smart home cooperation, the friendship between Schneider Electric and Sino-Ocean Group has spanned nearly two decades. On the road to “smart living” hand in hand, as a partner, Shijia not only provides reliable high-quality products and complete smart home solutions to meet the needs of different residential units in the Sino-Ocean Guanghua City project, but also “green” “Rooted in the full life cycle of products, through the end-to-end green and low-carbon product supply chain, Sino-Ocean Group’s low-carbon and green development goals are realized.

“Building” wisdom for life, the enabler behind quality real estate

Real picture of the model room of Sino-Ocean Guanghua City

Over the years, Shijia has been continuously innovating and practicing in helping the digital transformation of the real estate industry. The Yueyuan series of products and Wiser smart home solutions also provide perfect technology and service blessings for building a smart and beautiful living space. As a practitioner and enabler of sustainable development, Shijia will continue to use technology to empower products in the future, so that convenient and smart smart homes can reach thousands of households, and promote the industry to accelerate towards a sustainable future!

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