Bosch announces $700 million acquisition of Elmo

On September 5, Bosch announced the acquisition of Elmo Motion Control for $700 million. In the past month, Elmo has received multiple offers from investment funds and American and European companies, and rumors about the acquisition Always bewildered.

As early as August 2, Elmo Motion Control was entrusting investment bank Rothschild & Co. to manage its sale (acquired), Rockwell automation, when its bid of $600 million was ahead.

Elmo Motion Control is the world’s leading motion control intelligent solutions company, known worldwide since 1988 for providing ultra-high power density (above 10.000w qualitative power), ultra-small, compact size servo drives, in power and Set a new benchmark in the industry in terms of intelligence.

Its multi-axis motion controllers and motion controllers have been adopted by leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment around the world, and have been used in a variety of complex high-tech and technology-intensive industries, including electronics manufacturing, semiconductors, solar power, devices Control, robotics, automation, automated car production, automated warehousing, textile and printing industries, applications in military and security development, applications in extreme environmental conditions.

Headquartered in Israel, the company has more than 300 professionals worldwide and dedicated offices in the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, China, South Korea and Singapore, Elmo’s factories are located in Petah Tikva and In Poland, about a third of the company’s employees are dedicated to research and development.

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