Big deal!Supcon Technology and Wanhua Chemical reached an i-OMC project cooperation agreement

On February 25, Zhejiang Supcon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Supcon Technology) and Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Wanhua Chemical) signed a contract on the independent operation of the i-OMC project in Penglai Base of Wanhua Chemical ceremony.

Big deal!Supcon Technology and Wanhua Chemical reached an i-OMC project cooperation agreement

Liu Boxue, Senior Vice President of Wanhua Chemical, Qian Zhaogang, General Manager of Material Equipment Department, Cui Shan, Chairman and President of Supcon Technology, and Guo Biao, Senior Vice President, attended the signing ceremony. Qian Zhaogang and Guo Biao signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

Wanhua Chemical has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation as its first core competitiveness, and continued to optimize its Industrial structure. Its business covers four industrial clusters of polyurethane, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, and emerging materials. In recent years, Wanhua Chemical, the “chemical aircraft carrier”, has fully embarked on digital transformation and built a high-performance new material integration project in Wanhua Penglai Industrial Park. Supcon Technology’s new-generation full-process intelligent operation management and control system (i-OMC) will be applied to Wanhua Chemical’s Penglai base to continuously empower Wanhua Chemical’s digital transformation and improve production efficiency and flexibility.

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According to the cooperation agreement, Wanhua Chemical Penglai Base independently operates the i-OMC project as an application pilot, integrating I/O, digital I/O, wired APL, wireless sensing, industrial 5G and other industry-leading data transmission through the “E-network to the end” The solution, combined with the innovative technical architecture of “factory operating system + industrial APP”, and based on the accumulated experience in process control and optimization of the process industry of the joint parties, integrates knowledge such as intelligent algorithms, expert experience and process mechanisms to optimize product quality, increase device output, The reduction of energy consumption and material consumption, and the realization of device potentiality and efficiency increase mark that Supcon Technology and Wanhua Chemical have taken a key step in realizing the comprehensive cooperation in the construction of smart factories with fewer people and unmanned operation, and better meet the requirements of sustainable development of enterprises .

Big deal!Supcon Technology and Wanhua Chemical reached an i-OMC project cooperation agreement

Liu Boxue fully affirmed the strong technical service capabilities and rich practical experience of Supcon Technology, and introduced the development of Wanhua Chemical’s major business segments and Wanhua Chemical’s Penglai Base. He said that Supcon Technology is not only a leading industrial automation company, but also has many advanced digital and intelligent products and solutions. Development injected new impetus.

Big deal!Supcon Technology and Wanhua Chemical reached an i-OMC project cooperation agreement

Cui Shan said that Wanhua Chemical is a leading company leading the wave of digital transformation in the industry. Supcon Technology and Wanhua Chemical have different technology accumulations and successful practices in their respective fields. Both sides shoulder the same mission and look forward to co-creating greater value.

In the exchange symposium, Fan Chunle, General Manager of the Integrated Chemical Industry Solution Department of Supcon Technology, and Lin Weiqing, President of Gongziyi Company, introduced in detail the overall solution of Supcon Intelligent Factory and the digital solution of the supply chain, and demonstrated the rich advantages of Supcon Technology Industry experience, technical reserves and innovation focus have co-created Wanhua Chemical’s digital intelligence planning and implementation route.

Work together to create a benchmark project

In recent years, with the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two parties, the cooperation between Supcon Technology and Wanhua Chemical has continued to deepen. The signing of this agreement will open up a broader space and prospect for the cooperation between the two parties. Supcon Technology will continue to advance side by side with Wanhua Chemical, continue to innovate in the field of new chemical materials, lead the development direction of the industry, realize resource sharing and value co-creation, and jointly create new benchmark demonstration projects.

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