Beijing startup ROOBO releases artificial intelligence pet robot Domgy

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Tencent Technology News foreign media reported that,ROOBOis a fast-growing hardware and AI (artificial intelligence) startup headquartered in Beijing. Its latest product is a “pet robot” called Domgy. The company recently released a prototype of Domgy.

ROOBO has previously launched Pudding, a voice-activated educational robot for children, which you can use to teach children vocabulary, geography, jokes, and more.The company’s products also include Idealens virtual reality headsets, Skyseries drones andRunboneearplugs.

Founded in 2014, ROOBO now has 300 employees and 7 offices around the world, including one in Seattle. The company has previously received Series A venture capital, but declined to disclose information such as the amount raised, the identity of the investors, or how much revenue the company currently has.

Anthony Chen, ROOBO’s marketing director, said the company had high hopes for its new product, Domgy. The robot is designed to be “a family friend that makes home life easier and more fun”.

The name Domgy suggests it looks like a puppy, but it’s very different from Sony’s Robotic dog, Aibo.

Instead of walking on all fours, the Domgy rolls on wheels, and it can climb over general obstacles in your home, or take a step or two, but it won’t work on rough or steep terrain. If the battery gets too low, Domgy will automatically go back to the charger.

Domgy’s face is a round touchscreen with big eyes. From this touchscreen you can open the Domgy app menu or make other settings. You can also control it with your smartphone.

Domgy can show love and joy, and let out a cheerful laugh. If you push or yell at it, it will growl, whimper, and many other emotional responses.

Domgy uses ROOBO’s proprietary artificial intelligence and facial recognition system to identify family members, greet them, accompany them, and obey their commands.

The artificial intelligence used by Domgy was developed by ROOBO, and the device itself and its operating system came from South Korea’s Innovative Play Lab (hereinafter referred to as IPL). According to ROOBO executives, IPL will continue to improve the software development tools and operating system for Domgy, while ROOBO will be responsible for making these pet Robots and further developing AI and providing content for them.

Beijing startup ROOBO releases artificial intelligence pet robot DomgyROOBO is also one of IPL’s investors. IPL was previously funded by the Korean government.

The camera on Dogmy’s head can also be used as a monitor. When it encounters strangers at home, it will alert family members, so Dogmy is also an excellent watchdog.

ROOBO intends to open pre-orders on crowdfunding sites (including Tmall and in China, and Indiegogo in the US), hoping to deliver Dogmy to early backers participating in crowdfunding by the end of 2016.

Users can choose to have Domgy use a male or female voice. Dogmy can also be commanded to go into wake or sleep mode, play songs, tell stories, and turn compatible smart home devices on or off.

The company is working with brands like Disney English on content, and is working with iFlytek’s speech recognition system to add other features to Domgy.

The price of this pet robot has not yet been decided. But the company intends to sell the hardware in the U.S. and other major markets at lower prices, making it easily affordable for the average family.

ROOBO wants to earn revenue from its content platform.This is based onAndroidA platform where users can purchase new educational courses, music, audiobooks, apps or games.

The robot can be used for 4 to 6 hours on a full charge and can travel at a maximum speed of 5 kilometers per hour. Obviously it can’t catch up with your other pets.

However, Domgy may be able to accompany a puppy or kitten that remains at home when the owner is away. Domgy recognizes them as family members. (cloud opening)

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