Awesome, Shangfen Primary School Robot!

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: A few days ago, Shangfen Primary SchoolrobotStudent representatives from the Maker Lab participated in the “2017 FIRST Engineering Challenge South China Selection Competition” held by the “China FIRST Robotics Competition Association” in Shenzhen Bao’an Science and Technology Museum. Ten students including Zhang Yiguang and Hu Junjie from the school’s Robot Maker Practice Room won the third place in the “FLL Animal Friends South China Selection Competition” and successfully advanced, and will represent China in the “2017 FIRST UK International Finals”.

After the selection of this competition in South China, there are 36 qualified teams and nearly 500 students and coaches from primary and secondary schools. The competition will be divided into three rounds, and the top three with the best total score will advance to the British finals.

The student representatives of the Robot Maker Practice Room of Shangfen Primary School also participated in the “2017 Shenzhen Primary and Secondary School Computer Robot Activities” jointly organized by the Shenzhen Education Bureau and the Shenzhen Education Technology Center. The school sent 9 student representative teams to participate in 4 competitions including “Robot Fire Extinguishing”, “Primary School Robot Football”, “On-site Production Activities”, and “FLL Animal Friends Competition”. School student Chen Yao won the first place in the “Robot Soccer Competition” and successfully defended the championship for four consecutive years. In the competition’s “Robot Fire Extinguishing”, “On-site Production Activities”, “FLL Animal Friends Competition” and other projects, the school student representatives also won 7 second places and 1 third place.

It is reported that more than 200 teams from more than 100 primary and secondary schools in our city participated in this competition, and nearly 600 students and coach representatives gathered in Shenzhen Yuxin School. Five teams from three projects including “Robot Soccer”, “Robot Fire Fighting” and “FLL Animal Friends Competition” of Shangfen Primary School advanced to represent Shenzhen in the provincial competition held in Guangzhou on May 5.

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