AVEVA Jianwei Software signed a cooperation agreement with Bora LyondellBasell Petrochemical

AVEVA, a global engineering and Industrial software leader, announced that it has formally reached a cooperation agreement with Bora LyondellBasell Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BLYB), and has held a kick-off meeting for the Spiral project. AVEVA Jianwei Software will deploy the AVEVA Unified Supply Chain integrated supply chain management platform (hereinafter referred to as AVEVA Spiral) for BLYB, and provide project implementation services for establishing an optimized model for it. AVEVA Spiral is an all-in-one platform for process industry supply chain management that not only improves supply chain business processes, but also creates new workflows that cross traditional tool boundaries.

AVEVA Jianwei Software signed a cooperation agreement with Bora LyondellBasell Petrochemical

Left: Li Yude, General Manager of Polaris LyondellBasell Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

Right: Wan Shiping, General Manager of AVEVA Jianwei Software China

BLYB is a company jointly invested by Liaoning Baolai Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., a top 500 Chinese enterprise, and Basel International Holdings Co., Ltd., a large global chemical company. The first phase of the company’s project was officially put into operation on September 1, 2020. The main units include a 1 million tons/year cracking unit, a 450,000 tons/year LLDPE unit, a 350,000 tons/year HDPE unit, (40+20) tons/year Annual polypropylene unit, 120,000 tons/year butadiene extraction unit, 400,000 tons/year pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation unit, 250,000 tons/year aromatics extraction unit, 12/35,000 tons/year MTBE/butene- 1 unit, 350,000 tons/year styrene unit, as well as supporting public works and auxiliary facilities. After the project is completed, it is expected to drive the related industries to invest more than 100 billion yuan.

AVEVA Spiral provides the petroleum and petrochemical industry with enterprise-level supply chain management solutions based on a unified platform that supports multi-user access, including “Crude Oil Evaluation Software (Assay)” (AVEVA Spiral Assay for short), “Plan Optimization Software (Plan)” ( Hereinafter referred to as AVEVA Spiral Plan), “Schedule” (referred to as AVEVA Spiral Schedule), “Multi-plant planning optimization and distribution network optimization software (Network)” (referred to as AVEVA Spiral Network) and “Device regression software (Process Model Manager)” (hereinafter referred to as AVEVA Spiral PMM) and other modules. Companies such as BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, etc. have promoted this application globally. LyondellBasell has adopted the AVEVA Spiral Plan in the United States to replace the original optimization tool, improve efficiency, optimize each link of the entire supply chain, and achieve visibility. BLYB will use AVEVA Spiral Plan and AVEVA Spiral PMM in the build plan optimization model.

Li Yude, general manager of Bora Lyondell Basel Petrochemical Co., Ltd., said: “BLYB has always been committed to delivering high-quality products to customers safely, reliably and efficiently. We are also actively seeking reliable partners to jointly carry out technological innovation to promote The petrochemical industry is developing in the direction of large-scale, green, high-end and clustering. AVEVA Jianwei software provides a new generation of system architecture with high ease of use, low technical maintenance threshold, and reliable implementation and delivery capabilities. The cooperation of AVEVA Jianwei Software can help us to use the optimization model to formulate a visual and controllable production plan for petrochemical enterprises, improve efficiency and ensure product quality and consistency. I hope to take this signing as an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with AVEVA Jianwei Software. , close and multi-faceted cooperative relationship, unleash the growth potential of BLYB, and give full play to the advantages of the joint venture.”

The chemical industry is one of the pillar industries of the national economy. It not only has a long industrial chain, large scale, and intensive capital and technology, but also has a large industrial driving effect. In recent years, the volatile chemical market has brought great challenges to major manufacturers, such as high inventory and a large amount of cash flow. Intense competition is driving the chemical industry to undergo digital transformation to achieve business improvement and profit growth. AVEVA Jianwei Software has noticed that many chemical companies are promoting digital transformation and enhancing competitiveness by building production optimization models and playing the role of data management, production planning and other modules. But at the same time, building accurate, detailed and representative process models for chemical companies is extremely challenging. Chemical companies need to rely on reliable and easy-to-use digital products to effectively connect upstream and downstream of the value chain and improve the consistency of results and decision-making.

AVEVA Spiral has been designed with a new all-in-one design concept for easier and more standardized planning optimization, production scheduling and process unit monitoring for feedstock management, crude oil trading, single-plant operations and multi-plant and multi-point networks . Its single source of knowledge enables companies to share and communicate decisions across teams across the value chain, facilitating collaboration and discussion on a global scale. BLYB will use the AVEVA Spiral Plan to establish a planning optimization model that conforms to its process flow and realize integration with the surrounding existing systems. Through the implementation of this project, BLYB will effectively improve the planning business in the training of planning personnel, optimize the application of technology, and improve the level of integration with existing processes and businesses, thereby bringing tangible benefits to the company.

Wan Shiping, General Manager of AVEVA Jianwei Software China, said: “China’s “14th Five-Year Plan for Informatization and Industrialization Deep Integration Development Plan” emphasizes the comprehensive deployment of the focus of the development of in-depth integration of the two industries and accelerates the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. AVEVA Jianwei AVEVA is one of the largest industrial software companies, with 49 of the top 50 global chemical manufacturers relying on our solutions to improve operational efficiency, agility, reliability and sustainability, and accelerate digital transformation. AVEVA and BLYB have a deep consensus on the nature and method of digital transformation, and both have insight into the development law of industrial software in the global chemical industry and the development trend in China. AVEVA Jianwei Software adheres to the concept of “customer first” and fully supports BLYB Improve the scene-based application level of digital technology. We are convinced that through the joint efforts of both parties, this project is the cornerstone and the combination of international experience and domestic practice will surely promote the integrated development of the entire industrial chain and the entire value chain.”

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