Authorized by 600 semiconductor companies, the promotion efficiency of Shiqiang’s innovative products has increased by a hundred times

If a good product is the stepping stone to open the market, then good marketing is a powerful weapon for semiconductor companies to successfully capture the market.

In the process of product promotion, semiconductor companies mainly communicate face-to-face offline, the overall efficiency is low, and information gaps are prone to exist; due to the lack of promotion channels, it is also difficult to promote their mature products or technologies to brand new ones. application field.

In addition, the application scenarios of downstream terminal equipment are becoming more and more abundant, the overall demand is fragmented, and the technology of electronic components is becoming more and more complex. It is difficult for semiconductor companies to provide technical support for all customers, and the development of new market applications is progressing slowly.

As a bridge connecting semiconductor companies and downstream application markets, component distributors not only provide semiconductor companies with new product/new technology marketing work, but also provide technical support for downstream applications to help them develop new market applications.

Among them, a technology distributor rooted in Pengcheng, Greater Bay Area has obtained the authorized agent of more than 600 well-known original factories in the world. It is Shiqiang Advanced (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shiqiang Advanced”).

At present, its authorized agents include Rohm, Renesas Electronics, Silicon Labs, Nidec, Weidmuller, Phoenix, Rogers, Epson, National Technology, Yangjie Technology, Shengbang Micro, Goodix Technology, Shanghai Belling et al.

Obtaining the authorization of the above-mentioned original factory is inseparable from the e-commerce platform of Shiqiang Advanced – Shiqiang Chuang has a strong Industrial internet capability, which realizes the promotion and marketing of new products and new technologies in the whole process of pre-sale product introduction, in-sale transaction, and after-sales service. Improve the efficiency of new product promotion of semiconductor companies by a hundred times.

On the one hand, it helps semiconductor companies build Internet competitiveness, expand the audience of new products, and achieve precise exposure; on the other hand, its senior FAE team of over 300 people, through the “online + offline” The company’s downstream application customers provide technical support to accelerate the application capabilities of new products.

Building Internet Marketing Competitiveness

Expand new product reach

In recent years, with the gradual prosperity of Internet business, Internet marketing has become one of the important ways to improve the efficiency of new product promotion due to its natural advantages such as not being limited by time and space, low cost and fast speed.

However, for semiconductor companies, due to a large amount of manpower, material resources and funds spent on research and development, human and capital investment in marketing is relatively limited, and there is a lack of professional Internet marketing talents, resulting in their Internet marketing capabilities have been in its infancy.

Shiqiangchuang can just make up for the shortcomings of semiconductor companies in new product/technology promotion.

Since its launch in 2016, it has provided users with high-quality content such as new product/technical information and materials, selection guides, optimal solutions, and technical questions and answers, and is viewed and used by more than 20 million users in the electronics industry every year.

Semiconductor companies only need to submit new product/technical content, and the Shiqiang hard innovation platform will process and process the content on the Internet and online to form high-quality technical content that meets the reading and search habits of hard innovation engineers.

In addition, SEO search engine optimization is carried out to make it conform to the ranking rules of major search engines such as Google, Baidu, Sogou, etc., easy to be included, and increase the exposure of new products/technical content.

At the same time, it will also carry out SEM placement based on long-tail keywords such as brand names and new products, so as to realize the TOP 3 Display of major search engines.

New product online seminars will also be held regularly, each meeting will accurately invite 1000+ users, and through 2 hours of high-quality live video broadcast, the original factory’s latest products/technology and other essential content will be delivered to quickly hit customer needs.

After completing the search and exposure, Shiqiangqiang Chuang also provides online mall services for semiconductor companies. Semiconductor companies only need to provide information such as material model tables to put new products on the mall. Downstream users can obtain the spot quantity of related products on the platform. Delivery date and other information, as well as services such as sample application, online small-quantity quick purchase, and batch inquiry to quickly match customer needs.

Through the promotion of new products and new technologies on the Shiqiangchuang platform, semiconductor companies can not only optimize their distribution system and reduce operating costs, but also use text, video and other media to present their products more vividly and three-dimensionally, allowing users to understand new products. A deeper and more comprehensive understanding.

Help semiconductor companies develop new market applications

Accelerate the launch of new products

As the saying goes, “the smell of wine is also afraid of deep alleys”. Good products and good marketing methods can quickly acquire customers. However, due to the particularity of the electronics industry, semiconductor companies also need to provide technical support for users and carry out hardware research and development. Can truly achieve large-scale shipments.

However, due to limited manpower, semiconductor companies can only serve top customers. For a large number of long-tail market customers, they need to rely on distributors to assist in technical support services.

Since its establishment in 1993, Shiqiang Advanced has nearly 30 years of experience in technology distribution in the field of electronic components, providing in-depth supply and R&D services for over 2,000 industry leading companies and over 20,000 small and medium-sized innovative companies, covering ICT , industrial automation, automotive electronics, energy and electricity, consumer electronics, Internet of Things and intelligent transportation and other fields.

Being able to serve tens of thousands of enterprises in different industries is inseparable from the experienced FAE team behind it.

It is understood that at present, Shiqiang Advanced has a FAE team of over 300 people, with an average working experience of more than 6 years, covering digital signal processing, MCU, microwave millimeter wave, radio frequency, sensor, power electronics, analog devices, new materials, wireless Application and technical experts in different fields such as source devices.

According to the application scenario requirements of downstream users, it provides technical support at the early stage of product design, helps downstream users solve technical problems encountered in the process of R&D and application, and successfully applies new products/new technologies of semiconductor companies to hardware products of downstream users. Accelerate the application of new products of semiconductor companies.

For example, in 2022, we will provide a complete heat dissipation design scheme for PCR instruments for a leading medical company.

After knowing the customer’s needs, the FAE responsible for the material field of Shiqiang Advanced started to participate in the TEC selection, provided product selection from multiple material suppliers, and evaluated whether the product heat dissipation design is reasonable, including basic product heat generation, PCB wiring , enclosure design (including fan size, location, vent positioning, etc.), and solve technical problems encountered in the research and development process, shortening the development time of its PCR instrument to the market within one year.

And because of the service model that is not limited by time and space, it has attracted more than one million engineers in the electronics industry to browse and use.

If users have any questions, they can ask questions on the Shiqiangchuang platform, and FAE experts will answer them within 24 hours.

As the world’s leading R&D and distribution service platform, Shiqiangchuang has always adhered to the strategy of “based on Internet platform technology and centered on R&D services”, and helped semiconductor companies build the Internet through SEO optimization, SEM placement, and platform mall building. competitiveness and expand the exposure of new products.

With the continuous expansion of authorized brands, the number of advanced FAE teams of Shiqiang is also increasing year by year, in order to meet the technical support services of upstream original factories and downstream users in multiple markets and scenarios, and accelerate the application of new products of semiconductor companies.

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