Application scenarios continue to expand, market demand forces the robot industry to innovate

How has my country’s robot industry developed over the years? Recently, the 2019 China Robot Industry Development Conference sponsored by the China Robot Industry Alliance was held in Liangjiang New District, Chongqing. The reporter learned from the meeting that my country has become an important production base and consumer market for Robots in the world, ranking first in the world for 6 consecutive years. The capacity has been steadily improved, and new progress has been made in a number of landmark achievements.

The R&D and production capacity of domestic robots is advancing by leaps and bounds

“my country’s robot industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, especially during the ’13th Five-Year’ period, our achievements have been very significant.” Luo Junjie, deputy director of the Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that in terms of Industrial scale, 2018 The annual installed volume of industrial robots in my country is about 154,000 units, which exceeds the total number of robots installed in Europe and the Americas. base and consumer market. At the same time, the density of industrial robots in my country has increased rapidly, reaching 140 units per 10,000 people last year, nearly three times that of 2015.

The innovation capability of my country’s robot industry has steadily improved, and some key component technologies have also made breakthroughs. Luo Junjie introduced that in the industrial field, breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of key common technologies such as dual-arm robot binocular vision positioning technology, flexible gripper design technology, and dual-arm coordinated control technology. The collaborative robot realizes the integrated integration of reducer, motor, encoder and drive control, and the repeatability of some products can reach plus or minus 0.05 mm. In the service field, public service robots have realized functions such as face, voice recognition and tracking, and environmental detection, and the accuracy of face recognition can reach 90%. Some products such as explosion-proof fire detection robots, fire rescue robots, and demolition robots have achieved industrial application, and many medical robots such as orthopedic surgical robots have been clinically applied.

Future development needs to focus on integration with emerging technologies

According to statistics, the growth rate of global Industrial Robot sales dropped sharply in 2018. The global sales volume that year was 422,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 6%, and the growth rate decreased by 25 percentage points year-on-year.

However, Song Xiaogang, executive director of the China Robot Industry Alliance, said that from the perspective of development trends, the future of the market is promising.

For this view, the participating experts agreed. Luo Junjie said that the development trend of the robot industry remains positive. Internationally, the continuous integration of robots with emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and 5G is driving the industry to enter the fast lane. From a domestic perspective, application fields and scenarios continue to expand. In 2018, the application fields of domestic industrial robots have expanded to 47 major categories of industries and 129 industries of medium categories, and the application scope is still expanding. For example, the service field has extended to multiple dimensions such as education, medical care, escort, and distribution.

“In emerging subdivisions, market demand is forcing the innovation of the robot industry.” Song Xiaogang said that China’s robot development is moving from the industrial formation period to the industrial development period. The robot industry needs to focus on the market expansion of subdivided industries and different application scenarios. Enterprises find the industries they are good at and carry out corresponding process technology research and development. We must pay attention to coordinated development, and focus on the integration and development of new technologies such as information technology, communication technology, and artificial intelligence. Focus on the research and development of a new generation of robots and intelligent robots to meet the needs of the continuous transformation and upgrading of my country’s manufacturing industry and seize the commanding heights of the development of the robot industry.

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