Appeared at the 106th China Food and Drinks Fair Schneider Electric injects digital “taste” into the food and beverage industry

On November 10th, Schneider Electric, a digital transformation expert in the global energy management and automation field, presented its industry capabilities covering overall solutions for the food and beverage industry, digital factories, and automation solutions with the theme of “Smart Innovation, Carbon Sourcing for the Digital Future” The 106th National Sugar and Wine Fair.

“The food and beverage industry is one of the most important industries for Schneider Electric. We have profound industry insight and accumulated experience. With end-to-end software and hardware integrated solutions and services, Schneider Electric is fully helping customers in the food and beverage industry to achieve green, Safe, efficient, compliant, and stable production and operation help food and beverage companies enhance their core competitiveness and promote the digital transformation of the industry.” said Wang Xinhua, Marketing Director of Schneider Electric Industrial Automation OEM Industry.

Appeared at the 106th China Food and Drinks Fair Schneider Electric injects digital “taste” into the food and beverage industry

In recent years, affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and the adjustment of the consumer economy, consumers have paid more attention to the demands of healthy eating and the impact of food on the ecology. How to implement the concept of “sustainability” in the upstream and downstream of the food and beverage industry chain, how to use digital technology in production and operation to meet regulatory requirements and the diversified needs of consumers, and at the same time use data mining value to achieve brand innovation and deepen the relationship with consumers. The interconnection of the internet, so as to be closer to the current consumption trend, etc., has become a problem that enterprises in the food and beverage industry have to think about.

As an expert in digital transformation, Schneider Electric focuses on promoting the upgrading of automation in the food and beverage industry, providing customers with automation solutions that can be implemented in stages and can be effectively realized. For example, from macro system guidance to specific tool support, from mining production data to provide effective basis for management, to breaking through process bottlenecks and building an efficient platform for operations, Schneider Electric continues to improve the concept of green and intelligent manufacturing, and combines intelligent manufacturing with green production to help the industry Customers realize true green manufacturing and sustainable development while transforming intelligently:

  • A panorama of overall solutions for the food and beverage industry, with full life cycle services, plant and group control systems, power centers, building management and environmental monitoring, process control systems, automation and motion control systems, software platforms, industry solutions, etc. The program provides strong support for the system development of the enterprise;
  • Food and beverage digital factory solutions, relying on rich digital transformation practical experience and technology accumulation, Schneider Electric provides enterprises in the industry with comprehensive consulting from strategic planning to production scenarios through enterprise digital transformation consulting, carbon neutral (and sustainable development) consulting, Such as supply chain collaboration consulting, lean production consulting, intelligent manufacturing planning consulting, and operation management consulting, etc.; to help enterprises realize digital scheduling and food safety traceability in all aspects of production;
  • For food and beverage machine automation solutions, at the equipment level, Schneider Electric uses interconnected products such as motion control, motor control, and sensors to improve machine operation efficiency and digitalization; at the control level, it helps enterprises effectively reduce Operation failure; at the operation level, rich applications, analysis and services further improve operational efficiency; at the enterprise level, with ERP, decision-making consulting and other software, it helps enterprises improve their sustainable development level.

Throughout the industry, factory and automation solutions, a series of star products and solutions were also unveiled, including: the Lexium MC12 flexible conveying system that adapts to customized needs and quickly builds flexible production lines; Integrated lightweight system packaging digital kit; whole-process visual monitoring of the cleaning process, CIP online cleaning consultant to achieve energy saving and efficiency improvement; digital energy efficiency management platform EMS+ to help food and beverage companies formulate dual-carbon plans; realize software and hardware decoupling, support IT/ OT integration, the EcoStruxure open automation platform that enables the reconstruction of industrial automation systems, etc.

Appeared at the 106th China Food and Drinks Fair Schneider Electric injects digital “taste” into the food and beverage industry

With its industry-leading automation architecture and rich cases, Schneider Electric will help enterprises in the food and beverage industry to effectively respond to challenges, seize opportunities, improve operational resilience, accelerate digitalization, and move toward openness, An efficient, resilient, sustainable and people-centred future.

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