Advantech Smart Energy Solutions to Accelerate Carbon Neutrality

With the concept of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality” put forward, more and more entrepreneurs want to carry out energy-saving renovations on factories and parks to respond to the call for energy-saving. At the same time, based on years of Industrial computer industry foundation and the technical capabilities of edge acquisition, Advantech proposed the iEMS smart energy solution to provide enterprises with an integrated solution for “device-edge-cloud” collaboration.

iEMS (Intelligence Energy Management System) is an intelligent energy management system. Advantech’s iEMS smart energy solutions rely on digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, digital twins, and the internet of Things to help companies improve energy use, improve energy-saving efficiency, tap energy-saving potential, assist carbon trading, and drive low-carbonization through digitalization. , enabling enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, move towards a low-carbon road, and ultimately achieve carbon neutrality.

Advantech Smart Energy Solutions to Accelerate Carbon Neutrality

(iEMS smart energy solution application architecture diagram)

Six SRPs of iEMS

iEMS currently has six core SRPs, of which four SRPs are power management, air compressor energy efficiency management, HVAC energy efficiency management, and energy management. Big SRP belongs to the category of sustainable management that provides auxiliary decision-making for operators.

1. Power management

It is suitable for power supply and distribution monitoring and operation management of users in various industries. Through continuous protection and monitoring of user power supply and distribution networks and electrical equipment, the reliability and automation level of power supply and distribution can be improved to achieve reliable, safe and advanced. Supply and distribution system.

2. Air compressor energy efficiency management

Through real-time management and control of equipment, accurate analysis of gas production and gas consumption can quickly find out the cause of waste. Through the AI ​​intelligent joint control technology, the production pressure is constant, the gas supply is appropriate, and the unmanned management and control are used, which greatly reduces the unit energy consumption, labor management and equipment maintenance costs.

3. HVAC energy efficiency management

Through real-time monitoring of the key data of the gas production end and gas transmission end of the compressed air system, combined with the consumption data of the gas consumption end, it is possible to quickly find the cause of energy waste and carry out targeted treatment. Through AI intelligent joint control technology, intelligent control equipment start and stop strategy, adjust the gas supply pressure to match the gas demand, so as to achieve energy saving of the whole station.

4. Energy management

Taking energy management and energy-saving decision-making as the goal, creating a closed loop of energy management through the links of “energy monitoring → energy consumption statistics → energy regulation → energy performance assessment → energy conservation and emission reduction”, to achieve the saving and improvement of existing system energy consumption, is a A process of continuous improvement.

5. Carbon asset management

Track and manage the entire process of corporate carbon footprint, carbon emissions, and carbon quotas, record and quantify corporate low-carbon transformation behaviors, and help corporate carbon asset management from the dimensions of Display, analysis, and evaluation.

6. Management of energy conservation and carbon reduction business indicators

From the perspective of the management level, review the achievement of key energy indicators, energy-saving transformation strategies and green energy strategies of the enterprise.

Advantech Smart Energy Solutions to Accelerate Carbon Neutrality

(Advantech Smart Energy Management Solutions Industry Panorama)

Advantech’s iEMS smart energy solution is currently applicable to multiple industry application scenarios such as smart factories, power energy, catering and retail, and smart parks.

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