Accelerating double transformation and win-win sustainable Schneider Electric unveiled the 2022 Service Trade Fair with the achievement of sustainable “one body and two wings”

At the 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services, Schneider Electric, an expert in digital transformation in the field of global energy management and automation, released the results of sustainable “one body with two wings”, fully demonstrating that services and digitalization are the “two wings” to help achieve sustainable development goals. The overall idea, combined with the needs of the four key scenarios of the industry, deeply digs the landing value of services and digitalization, and achieves a win-win green, efficient and sustainable.

Accelerating double transformation and win-win sustainable Schneider Electric unveiled the 2022 Service Trade Fair with the achievement of sustainable “one body and two wings”

Xiong Yi, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric, Head of Strategy and Business Development China, President of the Institute of Business Value

Responding to challenges, service and digitization “two wings”

With the dual-cycle pattern and the “14th Five-Year Plan” high-quality development goals put forward, the implementation of dual-carbon has accelerated, and some industries have clarified carbon reduction goals. Enterprises are facing various external challenges; from the perspective of their own development, under the normalization of the epidemic, enterprises need more Focus on operational efficiency, resilience, performance growth and its own mid- and long-term sustainable development. “This year is Schneider Electric’s third consecutive participation in the CIFTIS, and it is also the third year that the ‘dual carbon’ goal was put forward,” said Xiong, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric, Head of Strategy and Business Development China, and President of the Institute of Business Value. Yi pointed out, “Faced with the complex and ever-changing external environment, when carbon reduction practice urgently needs the empowerment of methodology and experience, service and digitalization, as the two wings to accelerate sustainable development, play a particularly prominent role.”

  • Service empowerment of full life cycle management is the core and important carrier of digitalization: relying on its long-term sustainable development practice and huge ecosystem, Schneider Electric is guided by professional consulting, providing services covering transformation, commissioning, training, acceptance, maintenance, The closed-loop service of the whole life cycle of maintenance and recycling can ensure the smooth progress of sustainable development and low-carbon transformation of customers;
  • Software-centric digital technology is currently the best carbon reduction tool: complementary to services, software-centric digital technology is being integrated into application scenarios, enabling data to be “visible, manageable, and manageable throughout the life cycle of products and assets.” “Control and Availability”, thereby promoting the coordinated management and whole-process optimization of the entire Industrial chain from design, construction, operation to maintenance, and realizing carbon reduction in the whole process while promoting the realization of customers’ digital value.

Focus on four scenarios to enable sustainable value implementation

Faced with the dual carbon goals, the focus of enterprises is no longer whether to reduce carbon, but how to reduce carbon in a faster and more efficient way. In response to the sustainable development needs of all walks of life, Schneider Electric refined and launched the four scenarios and value propositions of “electrical safety, power quality, energy efficiency dual carbon, and comprehensive energy microgrid”, interpreted and launched comprehensive solutions to fully demonstrate Schneider Electric Electric takes service and digitalization as the “two wings” to promote the leading capabilities of sustainable landing:

  • Electrical safety scenarios: For problems such as long-term operation of electrical systems, many potential safety hazards and difficult to troubleshoot, etc., through MPS power distribution consulting, Ecofit adaptation and transformation and other forms to help users optimize electrical systems, achieve effective monitoring and maintenance, and optimize asset management performance ;
  • Power quality scenarios: Based on the key needs of power-sensitive industries represented by process industry, electronics industry, data centers, etc., rely on professional software and full life cycle services to help customers improve power quality, build a digital monitoring and analysis system, and use data to empower customers. Can strengthen the analysis ability of power system with expert knowledge, and provide reliable and executable solution suggestions for long-term operation;
  • Energy Efficiency Dual-Carbon Scenario: Starting from the top-level planning and design, enabling enterprises to go through the four stages of strategic planning, management improvement, execution optimization, operation and performance to obtain carbon neutral support throughout the life cycle, combined with energy efficiency management and digital operation and maintenance. A series of digital software such as platform EMS+, establish a sustainable development management system, and improve the return on investment in carbon reduction;
  • Comprehensive energy microgrid scenario: With the transformation and upgrading of the traditional energy system, the microgrid will play a more important role in the new energy network. With the help of services including microgrid design consulting, zero-carbon project design, and EcoStruxureTM microgrid energy consultants And the overall software and hardware solutions, the overall design of the adjustment, dispatch and optimization of the new power system, to achieve a clear estimate of the penetration rate of renewable energy and the total cost of energy consumption.

Regarding the scene value of services, Chen Weiwei, vice president of Schneider Electric and head of service business China, concluded: “The dual-carbon era has begun. In the process of carbon reduction, the synergy between services and digitalization will become more and more in-depth. The value of full-life-cycle services that fit the scenarios will be fully released, bringing tangible and visible benefits to enterprises and society.”

At this service trade fair, Schneider Electric also displayed a series of software products, which run from the energy supply side to the demand side, providing comprehensive solutions for energy management for various industries and empowering carbon reduction throughout the process.

  • On the energy supply side, the EcoStruxure Grid Advisor, which is built for the multi-energy integration and complementary production and consumption trends of the power system in the new energy era, has ushered in a major upgrade. By building a monitoring and control system based on the integration of source, network, load and storage, EcoStruxure Microgrid Energy Consultants have four core values ​​of stability and security, green efficiency, advanced intelligence and coverage of the entire life cycle, helping enterprises to achieve safe, economical and sustainable development under the dual-carbon goal. energy demand;
  • On the energy demand side, software promotes the efficiency of energy use and automation, thereby accelerating the efficient carbon reduction of enterprises and achieving sustainable development – for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of power distribution systems, Schneider Electric demonstrated on-site intelligent A new generation of intelligent power distribution software including EcoStruxure Power Advanced, EcoStruxure Power Operation and EcoStruxure Power Terminal, which cover the integrated power distribution system respectively. Supervision control, real-time monitoring of power data, and on-site monitoring, analysis, and operation and maintenance assistance of power equipment promote the digital and low-carbon transformation of enterprises across the entire chain.

Fruitful results leading to a sustainable future

Focusing on the field of practice, Schneider Electric is helping infrastructure, industrial parks, building real estate, medical care, data centers, and various manufacturing companies achieve dual transformation and become sustainable with the power of services and digitalization. For example, in the energy efficiency dual-carbon scenario, Schneider Electric, together with Shenshi Zero Carbon Group, found that 18%- The overall energy saving potential of 22%, through continuous operation and maintenance, can achieve 3% energy saving per year, contributing to the completion of the carbon neutrality goal of Shenshi Zero Carbon Group ahead of schedule.

Focusing on the goal of improving the safety and reliability of the power distribution system, asset operation and maintenance, and energy efficiency, a comprehensive intelligent power distribution solution helps the Suxi Changhu Tunnel manage and operate many substations and power supply and distribution facilities along the tunnel. The intelligent power distribution solution includes a series of digital software such as POT sub-station intelligent terminals, POA intelligent power distribution integrated integrated operation and management system, etc., covering 64 substations in the tunnel and along the line, overcoming high environmental humidity and power distribution. The complex, scattered and aging-prone facilities help users to achieve preventive maintenance of key power distribution facilities, and also greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the power distribution system, reducing energy consumption while taking into account the sustainable development of the region.

In the integrated energy microgrid scenario, Schneider Electric joined hands with Mingyang Electric, a provider of intelligent power distribution equipment, to carry out new energy transformation for its factories, comprehensively manage new energy resources to ensure safe and stable operation, and further reduce peaks and fill valleys. Digital means realize cost saving and carbon reduction, and gradually move towards green and low-carbon factory operation.

Combining green innovation, digitization, carbon neutrality and many other hotspots, Schneider Electric also appeared at the “2022 China Smart Industry Forum” on the first day of the Service Trade Fair, sharing the concept and practice of “digital empowerment and carbon reduction throughout the process”; September 2, Schneider Electric will attend the “2022 China Building Economy Beijing Forum” to discuss green energy management solutions for buildings (parks) in the context of dual carbon; on September 3, Schneider Electric Business Value Institute will join hands with Alibaba Energy Cloud and Alibaba Cloud Research The Institute, the International Economic and Technological Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology jointly released a white paper titled “Digitalization and Carbon Neutral Parks”. Comprehensive analysis of landing solutions.

In the face of the “1+N” dual carbon policy system, as well as the carbon peaking goals and guidelines of various industries, sustainability is not only a problem of survival for enterprises, but also a problem of development. Leveraging on the CIFTIS, the world’s largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of service trade and a leading exhibition in the field of service trade, Schneider Electric will continue to work closely with ecological partners to provide Chinese enterprises with strong and sustainable growth with the “two wings” of digitalization and services. The driving force for development helps users reduce carbon throughout the process and accelerates towards a sustainable future.

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