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ABB Robot Spare Parts and Accessories  


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Part Number/Part#: 3HAC049817-001.

3HAC049817-001 SMB Assembly is a component of ABB robot system. The SMB assembly responsible for

communication between the robot and its peripherals, such as sensors, grippers, other automation devices. It is an

essential part of robot control system to ensure robot operates smoothly and precisely.

3HAC049817-001 SMB Assembly is compatible with ABB’s IRB 360 FlexPicker® and IRB 360-3/1130 robot systems.

It is a compact, easy-to-install module to integrate seamlessly with robot control system, providing reliable, high-speed


SMB assembly supports a variety of communication protocols, including Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, and Profinet,

making it compatible with many industrial automation devices and systems. It also features diagnostic tools and status

indicators, enabling easy troubleshooting and monitoring of the robot system.

Overall, ABB Robot 3HAC049817-001 SMB Assembly is a critical component of ABB robot system, ensuring efficient,

reliable communication between the robot and its peripherals.

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