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2.12 kg

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2.12 kg


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1 Piece

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Product Not in WEEE Scope


3HNA024941-001 is a handheld device used to control robotic systems used for painting applications. It provides an

easy-to-use interface for programming and operating robotic system, allowing users to teach robot how to move, apply

paint, perform other tasks.

The Teach Pendant features a color touchscreen display, which provides users with real-time feedback on the robot’s

movements and status. It also has a joystick and buttons, allowing users to control robot’s movement manually. The

pendant is connected to the robot controller via a cable, and it communicates with the robot using ABB RobotStudio


Some of the key features of 3HNA024941-001 include:

Easy-to-use interface: The Teach Pendant is designed to be easy to use, even for those with limited programming


Real-time feedback: The color touchscreen display provides real-time feedback on robot’s movements and status,

allowing users to monitor robot’s performance.

Joystick and buttons: The joystick and buttons on the Teach Pendant allow users to control the robot’s movement


Cable connection: The Teach Pendant is connected to the robot controller via a cable, ensuring reliable communication

between the pendant and the robot.

ABB Paint Teach Pendant 3HNA024941-001 Video

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