37 colleges and universities and 875 contestants competed in the first robotics competition for college students in Zhejiang Province

  37 colleges and universities and 875 contestants competed in the first robotics competition for college students in Zhejiang Province

The two-day first batch of college students in Zhejiang ProvincerobotThe competition was held in Hangzhou, and 875 contestants from 37 colleges and universities in the province participated in the competition.Photo by Times reporter Sun Izu

  37 colleges and universities and 875 contestants competed in the first robotics competition for college students in Zhejiang Province

Small soccer Robots are playing.

When it comes to robotics competitions, you might think of confrontation, where two or more iron shells collide. But in fact, the competition in the machine world is getting closer and closer to our lives.

Last weekend, the first Zhejiang University Robotics Competition, hosted by Zhejiang University Student Science and Technology Competition Committee, organized by Zhejiang University, and sponsored by Hangzhou Nanjiang Robot Co., Ltd., held a two-day competition in Hangzhou. 37 colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province, 875 players around the innovative robot production theme transport robot competition and supermarket shopping challenge, small football robot theme 3V3 football robot competition and technical challenge, as well as travel robot theme treasure hunt competition and adventure Tournament starts.

  supermarket shopping robot

  In the future, it can be applied to shopping places

At 2 pm yesterday, the Supermarket Shopping Challenge ushered in the finals. Several teams from Zhejiang University performed well and entered the final competition.

A square competition area, surrounded by goods, the robot searches for and picks up items from the double-layered shelves in the four areas according to the randomly given shopping list, and then puts them in the corresponding “shopping cart” and moves. , identify, take.

This project has very high requirements for the comprehensive ability of robots. “Although it is still a competition, I believe that with the maturity of technology and the improvement of shape design, it will be applied to real life in the future.” Professor Xiong Rong, professor of Zhejiang University School of Control and chief referee of the competition Say.

At the scene, the robot “Xiaomeng” got the goods and fell to the ground when it was a short distance from the “shopping cart”, and the audience on the sidelines made a regretful voice. “These technologies can be applied to shopping places such as supermarkets in the future. Robots can quickly identify products, which is very helpful for the elderly with limited mobility.” Chen Haowen, a team member of Zhejiang University, said that these robots are not only for competition, but also to be called life experts. can change our future lives.

  Adventure intelligent robot

  Can replace people to perform difficult tasks

Of course, the projects of this competition are not randomly selected. “Like a football match, this project is in line with international standards. This project is selected to enhance competitiveness. This project tests how robots can cooperate on the field under high dynamic conditions. .” Xiong Rong said.

The competition of PLAYBOT is about the writing of strategies. This competition has standardized platforms and hardware, so that players can focus on the competition of wisdom and wisdom. The maximum running speed of the small football robot can reach 3 m/s, and the intensity of high-speed collision is comparable to that of non-human football games.

In the afternoon finals, Ningbo University and Ningbo Institute of TechnologymechanicalEngineers can be described as a battle of wits. In the case of conceding a goal first, the Ningbo University team resolutely asked for a time-out. After adjusting their strategy, they reversed within 5 minutes, and finally won the championship with a score of 2:1.

Another competition area is a robot treasure hunt competition. The winding competition venue is difficult to come by anyway. “This competition has extremely high requirements on the robot’s ability to move and overcome obstacles. After entering the competition venue, the contestants can only watch The robot walks the ‘maze’ inside.” Professor Chen Juntong, the person in charge of this project, said that the development of travel robots can replace people to enter some difficult workplaces, and some fields have already been applied.

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